Peace Boat is Accepting Volunteer Applications for Its 102nd Global Voyage

Mar 18, 2019

Peace Boat is now seeking dynamic and highly motivated volunteers for its 102nd Global Voyage. Departing from Japan on September 1, 2019, and returning on December 13, 2019, this circumnavigational voyage will include visits to 23 ports in 20 countries, including Sri Lanka, Egypt, Canada, and Iceland.

The 102nd voyage offers two exciting volunteer opportunities. First, we’re looking for interpreters (called Communication Coordinators, or CCs) who work in the following language combinations: Japanese and English, Japanese and Chinese, Japanese and Spanish, or English and Chinese. Interpreters will be able to work closely with international guest educators from a wide range of backgrounds and use their language skills to make onboard lectures and events accessible to all Peace Boat participants. In port, interpreters join sightseeing and cultural exchange tours to facilitate communication between guides and tour participants. No formal experience or training is required for these positions. 

Second, we require English and Spanish teachers to support GET (Global English/Español Training), Peace Boat’s onboard language programme. GET is a communication-based programme that aims to improve students' confidence and communicative ability in English and/or Spanish through a dynamic combination of onboard classwork, language-based events and activities, and exchange programmes in ports of call. Through GET, Peace Boat participants can acquire the necessary language skills to make their voyage as memorable and meaningful as possible. For teachers, the programme offers the opportunity to work with a great deal of autonomy, using their creativity both in and out of the classroom while enjoying the unique experience of a Peace Boat voyage.

Each position involves a unique application process, so please be sure to read your desired position’s application pack in its entirety. Applications for volunteer interpreter positions can be found here, while those for volunteer teaching positions can be found here.

Please note that each of these positions has a separate application deadline: the application deadline for interpreters is April 14, 2019; the application deadline for teachers is May 3, 2019.