Captain Viktor Alymov to sail again with Peace Boat

Apr 5, 2023

Peace Boat is honoured and delighted that Captain Viktor Alymov will sail again with Peace Boat on the first global voyage in three years departing Yokohama on 7 April. Captain Alymov is from the port city of Odessa in Ukraine, a city which Peace Boat has visited often on the global voyages. Following the military invasion by Russia, Captain Alymov evacuated from the city to Constanza in Romania where he and his family have been residing since.  

Captain Alymov will sail on board M/V Pacific World as Commodore during the first segment of the 114th voyage. He will sail with this honorary position in recognition of his long relationship with Peace Boat and the ongoing situation in his home country. Captain Alymov has been captain onboard Peace Boat’s voyages since 2010, captain of over 400 crew members and bringing thousands of people to life-changing experiences around the world. 

The Captain is currently in Japan to embark from Yokohama, Peace Boat’s home port. Staff and participants held an event at the Tokyo Peace Boat Center to welcome Captain Alymov to Japan, and Peace Boat staff shared pictures and anecdotes from his experiences and time onboard Peace Boat’s voyages. The 114 voyage team, currently on board Peace Boat to prepare for the upcoming voyage, shared a heartwarming message from the ship letting Captain Alymov know that everyone is excited to once again welcome him on board.


During the event, Captain Alymov talked about life during the pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine, but particularly highlighted the unique onboard environment of Peace Boat where everyone works together as one team. Talking about how much he is looking forward to sailing with the crew again, there was no doubt about the high regard the Captain has for these members that have been an integral part of his Peace Boat experience over the years. “Peace Boat staff, volunteers, and the crew members are family! Peace Boat forever!”, he concluded.

The event to welcome Captain Alymov took place in Tokyo Peace Boat Center, connected also online with Peace Boat Centers across Japan, giving volunteers the opportunity to talk with Captain Alymov.  Over the past year, Peace Boat volunteers across the country have been fundraising to support the work of Peace Boat Disaster Relief with Ukrainian refugees in Romania and Ukraine.  Immediately following the invasion, PBV dispatched a team to Romania to assess the needs in the area. There they met with Captain Alymov who sent a moving message to Peace Boat crew, staff and participants. PBV continues to work with local partners in the region and Peace Boat volunteers will continue their fundraising activities.