Brandon Levy of SOA with the youth ambassadors


Peace Boat and Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA) join for World Oceans Day

Jun 6, 2019

To coincide with World Ocean’s Day, Peace Boat and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance are pleased to be offering a new internship position in collaboration with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, an international organization that inspires, supports and enables young leaders to develop new solutions that address the greatest threats facing the ocean. Through education, mentorship, and access to leadership opportunities SOA aims to advance the impact of startups, social enterprises, and youth-centered initiatives. By investing in the development of emerging technologies and innovative ideas, SOA belives that we can create a more sustainable future for the ocean and the ocean economy. This is the first time for SOA to partner with Peace Boat in offering an internship for youth from their network to support the UN World Oceans Day events in New York and Peace Boat activities focused on ocean conservation and climate action.

This partnership is part of an ongoing collaboration between Peace Boat and SOA focused around World Ocean’s Day. SOA Program Director, Brandon Levy is sailing onboard Peace Boat’s 101st Global Voyage before it docks in New York as a guest educator for Peace Boat’s Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassador Programme. While aboard Peace Boat, Brandon is providing seminars and facilitating workshops for Peace Boat’s Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors, young leaders from small island states in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Caribbean. These will focus on strategy frameworks, conscious leadership, climate change and professional development.

On June 7, Founder & CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Daniela Fernandez, will join the Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors at the Youth Event at the United Nations Headquarters: “Global Youth Perspectives : From Awareness Raising to Action for Our Oceanwhere the young ambassadors will share insights from their islands and the programme, and Daniela will speak about young people working towards innovative and sustainable business ideas.

As part of the Celebration for World Ocean’s Day taking place onboard Peace Boat’s ship on 8 June, Daniela Fernandez, Founder & CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance will be one of the keynote speakers during this year’s World Ocean Day celebration onboard Peace Boat. Her contribution will highlight .inclusivity and making sure that the ocean space is accessible to all, the importance of mentorship and having female role models and also surveying what the obstacles are that young girls and women face.

Also on 8 June, SOA is hosting an Oceanside Chat on Gender & Entrepreneurship aboard Peace Boat’s ship as it is docked in New York City.  Daniela Fernandez, Founder & CEO of Sustainable Ocean Alliance, will be in conversation with Marissa Cuevas, Founder & CEO of microTERRA and Julie Davitz, Head of Strategic Philanthropy and Purpose Investing for Family Wealth Advisors.

These activities with Sustainable Ocean Alliance, are part of a series of events that Peace Boat is organizing and participating in with UN and civil society partners for World Ocean’s Day in New York.