Rest in peace and harmony - Kolwane Mantu

Aug 7, 2019

Peace Boat is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of our long-time friend and partner, Kolwane Mantu or "Bra K" of the African Youth Ensemble (AYE).

Kolwane's visionary work with AYE created new futures for countless children, and Peace Boat has been inspired by and proud to work together for more than twenty years. This initiative has taught hundreds, thousands of people - children in Soweto and all they encounter - about the wonders of music, its power to unite people, and the hope that it can bring.

Peace Boat expresses our sincere condolences to Kolwane's family and all involved in the African Youth Ensemble, and we hope to do what we can to pass on his legacy, as his music and spirit continue to live on in everyone's hearts.

Bra K, rest in peace and harmony.