Video Testimony from Fukushima: Mr Sugeno Seiji, organic farmer

Sep 11, 2020

Peace Boat has cooperated with the environmental NGO Friends of the Earth Japan (FoE Japan) to launch the next in their series of video testimonies of the current situation in Fukushima in various languages.

The fifth multilingual installment in this series is an interview with Sugeno Seiji, an organic farmer in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, released in 7 languages - English, French, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, German and Spanish, adding to the original Japanese.

Mr Sugeno had farmed organically for over 30 years, placing great value on face-to-face connections directly with consumers. After the nuclear power plant disaster, sales of produce at his roadside station dropped by 40%. Over the past nine years he has made various efforts to expand new sales routes, by “monitoring and growing, growing and monitoring.” He told us of how the nuclear disaster stole hometowns and created divisions, and that such a disaster must not be allowed to be repeated. According to Mr Sugeno, “We, as people from Fukushima, need to speak out more. We need to change lifestyles and policies. We need to speak up to the national government, and to continue our farming, our fields”.

Please listen to this testimony, to hear the voices and ongoing situation of the community in Fukushima (10mins 20 sec).

Chinese (traditional)
Chinese (simplified)


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