Divestment campaign against nuclear weapon companies in Japan with PAX

Sep 30, 2019

As a partner of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), Peace Boat is collaborating with fellow ICAN International Steering Group member, the Netherlands-based NGO PAX, in the “Don’t Bank on the Bomb” campaign for divestment from companies involved in the manufacturing of nuclear weapons.

Susi Snyder of PAX recently visited Japan in relation to this campaign, and PAX, Peace Boat and other partners together on this opportunity carried out various events in relation to divestment. Susi's visit to Japan was thanks tot he invitation of Physicians Against Nuclear War (PANW), a Japan-based ICAN partner organisation. She presented the Don't Bank on the Bomb at a major international symposium in Kyoto, which was also followed by a press conference. Upon this occasion, Peace Boat also released a summary in Japanese language of the latest campaign report, “Shorting Our Security" (June 2019).

Following the programme in Kyoto, Susi also came to Tokyo where a series of activities including a public symposium co-hosted by the Hibakusha Appeal International Signature Campaign and Japan on September 17, where Susi was joined as a speaker by Japan's team leader Yokoyama Takayoshi, with Peace Boat's Kawasaki Akira serving as moderator. The theme of the symposium was “To keep the blue planet earth for the future,” based on the two organisation's perspective that nuclear weapons and the climate crisis are the two greatest threats to our planet today. This was an important opportunity to higlight the links between nuclear and climate issues, as well as the effectiveness of the common approach of divestment. These linkages will continue to be vital for efforts for the future of our planet, and we hope to continue to deepen cooperation between groups working for nuclear abolition and those addressing the climate crisis.

See here for the full report "Shorting our security- Financing the companies that make nuclear weapons" to see who is trying to profit from weapons of mass destruction.