University of Tübingen students launch podcast on Peace Boat experiences

Sep 23, 2020

A group of students of the University of Tübingen in Germany who joined Peace Boat’s 102nd Global Voyage in 2019 have just started a series of German language radio programmes for Wüste Welle in Tübingen, in which they will speak about their experience travelling with Peace Boat.

Initially, the students had planned to organize an exhibition, however this plan unfortunately had to be put on hold due to gatherings in closed spaces as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not giving up on their intention to make a public event, the students decided to share their extraordinary stories from the voyage with Peace Boat through a series of radio episodes for Wüste Welle in Tübingen.

The first 60 minute episode was hosted by students Joshua Beer and Julianne Hauschulz, who introduced the “Peace Boat Seminar” on the 102nd Voyage. During this programme, a group of thirteen Masters’ students from the University of Tübingen joined the segment between Greenock in Scotland and Marseilles in France, from October 29-November 6, 2019. The programme’s main focus was on historical records and cultures of war remembrance.

Julianne and Joshua talked about their motivation to join the “Peace Boat Seminar. ” Julianne pointed out that she had found “studies to be very scientific and abstract, and had a great desire to actively experience peace work”. They explained the origins of Peace Boat, and their view on why dealing with the war past is still so important in both Germany and Japan, as well as the necessity to carry on further on the culture of remembrance.

Next week, Radio Wüste Welle will broadcast an interview with Jasna Bastic, Peace Boat coordinator of the programme with the University of Tübingen. This will be followed by a series of diverse episodes featuring stories by the students about their life onboard Peace Boat and the exchange and study programmes which were held in the ports of Belfast, Lisbon, Barcelona and Marseilles.

Peace Boat has been cooperating with the University of Tübingen on joint programmes for graduate students in Peace Research and International Politics since 2005.

The first radio podcast at Wüste Welle can be found here (in German). Follow our updates to catch the future episodes!

Learn more about Peace Boat's cooperation with the University of Tübingen here.

The full series of podcasts (in German) can now be listened to here!