117th Voyage International Director presents the Youth Ambassadors at a media briefing in March


Announcing the 117th Global Voyage Ukraine Youth Ambassadors

Apr 5, 2024

In 2024, Peace Boat will organize a three and a half month programme “Ukraine Youth Ambassadors” onboard its 117th Global Voyage, which will circumnavigate the globe, departing from Japan in April and visiting approximately 20 countries around the world in Asia, the Indian Ocean, Africa, Europe, Scandinavia and North America before returning to Japan in July. Young Ukrainian students and professionals living in Japan will come together as Ukraine Youth Ambassadors to join the entire voyage. They will share their perspectives on the current situation in Ukraine, give testimonies about their experiences of witnessing the full scale Russian military invasion of Ukraine firsthand, fleeing their homeland and starting new lives as displaced persons in Japan onboard the ship as well as to local stakeholders at various ports of call. In addition, they will hold events related to Ukrainian culture, traditions and festivals on the cruise to introduce their country.

Goal 16 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions” serves as the foundation of the Ukraine Youth Ambassadors programme. Its aims are, first and foremost, to raise awareness of the ongoing invasion of Ukrainian territory by Russia and create a platform where people from diverse regions can come together to learn how the lives of Ukrainian citizens are being impacted during times of conflict. Furthermore, underpinning the programme is youth empowerment: how can Ukrainian youth based in Japan create initiatives to support Ukraine? How can Ukrainian youth and people from Japan and other countries collaborate to envision a brighter and better future for Ukraine? Throughout the programme, participants will meet with those seeking peace around the world, broaden their horizons, and become forces for driving the future of Ukraine as well as become bridges connecting Japan and Ukraine.

Click here to learn more about the programme and to read the full profiles of the seven Ukraine Youth Ambassadors who will be sailing with Peace Boat.

This programme is being organised in cooperation with the Embassy of Ukraine to Japan.