Mayor of Barcelona Ada Colau speaks at the Opening Plenary


IPB World Peace Congress - “(Re)imagine the world. Action for peace and justice”

Oct 20, 2021

Peace Boat took part in the International Peace Bureau’s Second World Peace Congress, held in Barcelona between October 15 and 17 - the biggest international peace event of 2021.

More than 2500 participants from 126 countries took part both in person and virtually in a variety of events, discussions and workshops under the title “(Re)imagine the world. Action for peace and justice”. Reflecting this title truly, the congress brought together people on the themes of (re)vitalization of solidarity, activism, connections and unity for the common goal to preserve peace in the face of global crises like the current pandemic, new militarization and the climate crisis.

Participants discussed issues important for peace and security, including disarmament and common security, the abolition of all nuclear weapons, poverty and social justice, climate justice, racism, gender, and the rights of indigenous people.

In the last workshop session, Peace Boat organized an online event “Northeast Asia Peace and Cooperation” together with People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) from Seoul. Participants analyses the current situation in Northeast Asia, including the Korean Peninsula and growing competition and tensions between the United States and China, with a focus on the role of civil society in building peace in this region. Presenter's texts and a full video of the event can be seen here.

Another highlight of the Congress was the presentation of IPB's 2020 Sean MacBride Peace Prize to Black Lives Matter, received by Rev. Karlene Griffths Sekou from Boston. The prize was awarded for its ‘leading roles in building resistance to and transforming local policies against systemic police violence and extrajudicial murders of Black people across the United States.’

Black Lives matter shared this prize with the International Signature Campaign in Support of the Appeal of the Hibakusha for the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, launched by Nihon Hidanyo. The Hibakusha Appeal received its award in an online ceremony in March 2021, and was represented at the Opening Plenary by Hibakusha Wada Masako.

Peace Boat was delighted to take part in the IPB World Peace Congress, both online and in person, gaining new energy, inspiration and dedication to continue to work for international peace in solidarity with partners all over the world.

Two main documents were adopted at the end of the World Peace Congress:
Appeal IPB Congress
Action Plan

View the Congress website here for full programme details and more.