"Peace Boat Hibakusha Project: Beyond Borders and Generations" seeks international youth communicators

Dec 17, 2023

Today the global momentum to truly eliminate nuclear weapons through the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) continues to grow. Yet at the same time, it is also true that with Russia's military invasion of Ukraine and Israel’s attacks on Gaza, the threat of nuclear weapons has also increased. This is why Peace Boat is  relaunching the Hibakusha Project on our voyages, to directly and widely convey the inhumanity of nuclear weapons in person outside of Japan and to raise public opinion for the abolition of nuclear weapons.

The Peace Boat Hibakusha Project will once again welcome a group of Hibakusha, nuclear survivors, and youth from different parts of the world to join our 117th Global Voyage, departing in April 2024, for the first edition of the "Peace Boat Hibakusha Project: Beyond Borders and Generations." In cooperation with ICAN (International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons) partner organizations around the world, we aim to pass on the experiences of the Hibakusha, and connect to action across both national and generational borders.

Seeking youth applicants!

Peace Boat is seeking applicants as follows!

a) The applicant is motivated to work closely with the survivors and convey their own message toward a nuclear-free world.
b) The applicant has knowledge and experience to have heard/read survivors’ narratives or accounts, and is ready to learn more directly from the survivors eventually to pass on the legacy in their own way of expression.  
c) The applicant has an adequate command of English to be able to make presentations and/or speeches on nuclear issues. Applicants with ability in Japanese will be given priority in the selection process.
e) The applicant is younger than 30 at the beginning of the programme.
f) The applicant is eager to learn from civil society or governmental initiatives around the world, and to collaborate with others regardless of age or background.
g) The applicant has a strong interest and will to stay involved in peace and humanitarian issues towards the realization of nuclear abolition after the voyage.
h) The applicant is able to participate in the voyage in full (April 13-July 26, 2024 / 105 days), including any pre-voyage training and post-voyage programmes (potentially online). (Note: applicants only available to join part of the voyage are also welcome to contact Peace Boat to discuss modes of participation).

See here for voyage itinerary:


The full costs of the voyage and programme, including food and accommodation for the duration of the voyage, are covered by Peace Boat. Successful applicants will be expected to cover the costs of their transport to and from the vessel in Yokohama at the start and end of the voyage, port charges (77,000 JPY), onboard tips (181,440 JPY), international sightseeing tax (1,000 JPY) as well as travel insurance and visa fees. Any personal expenses (laundry, communications etc.) during the voyage is at the applicant's expense.

How to Apply

Please submit the following to pbglobal(a) by January 15, 2024. (Due to travel arrangements such as visas, Peace Boat will start screening the applications as they arrive.)

  • A 1 page essay in English sharing your background, interests, and motivation for joining this programme, including the meaning and methods of Hibakusha and youth to work together to abolish nuclear weapons onboard Peace Boat and in ports of call visited around the world.

  • A brief CV - please include your full name, postal address, email address and telephone number.

  • A scan or photo of the ID page of your passport (please include a copy of each if you hold multiple nationalities/passport)