Truth in Action: 24 Hours of Reality

Nov 21, 2019

Today, Peace Boat joined the 24 Hours of Reality led by the Climate Reality Project. Thousands of presentations are being held around the world as part of a global conversation on the truth of the climate crisis and how we solve it.

Peace Boat staff who joined the Climate Leadership training in Tokyo last month kicked off the day with a session for colleagues, sharing the lessons learned. Okada Aya and Hirabayashi Cougar first presented the current situation of the climate crisis and started a discussion on how we can come together and be part of the solution on a personal scale. They echoed the message of Sakano Akira, Chair of the Board of Directors of the Zero Waste Academy, to decline plastic bags to start a bigger movement, moving towards a plastic-free society.

Kobayashi Shingo then continued the presentation, stressing the disastrous effects of the increase of natural disasters on local communities and how Peace Boat Disaster Relief continues to coordinate volunteers on the ground to help with relief activities in the aftermath of the serious typhoons which have hit Japan in recent months.

Finally, Ohata Soichiro connected these challenges to Peace Boat’s mission, and highlighted our role in raising awareness on critical environmental issues with our Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassador Programme, our contribution to international conferences on climate change such as upcoming COP 25 as well as our commitment to reducing our CO2 emissions by 40% with Ecoship, Peace Boat’s project to build the world’s greenest cruise ship.

Peace Boat staff gather for 24 Hours of Reality

Events are also being held in connection with 24 Hours of Reality onboard the 102nd Global Voyage for Peace, as participants sail across the Indian Ocean on their way to Phuket, Thailand.

We are proudly spreading the message of climate action to our office in Tokyo, as well as with hundreds of participants onboard and partners in ports.