Lucía Topolansky visited Peace Boat in Montevideo.

From the Ship

Vice President of Uruguay visits Peace Boat in Montevideo

Feb 14, 2019

As the 100th Global Voyage docked in Montevideo on February 13, Vice President Lucía Topolansky, also the wife of former President José “Pepe” Mujica, joined Peace Boat participants for a day of action and reflection relating to nuclear abolition and sustainability.

During the event, Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor Watanabe Junko shared her testimony. Upon hearing this, Vice President Topolansky shared her memories of visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the importance of using media such as manga and art to pass on the legacy of these tragic events. Uruguay ratified the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, or nuclear weapons ban treaty, in 2018.

In her speech, Vice President Topolansky spoke of Uruguay's initiatives for peace and sustainability in the region, including mediation for a peaceful, non-military resolution to the current crisis in Venezuela, and expansion of renewable energy in the country, particularly utilising Uruguay's rich wind resources.

“So many people sailing together on board this large ship, sharing the important message of peace with people around the world, is a wonderful thing. I am sure each of you will change, between the day you departed on your journey and the day you return. You have joined this ship not only as an individual, or for entertainment, but to join together and sail for this common goal. That has a great meaning. I look forward to welcoming you back to Montevideo in the future, and thank you on behalf of the Uruguayan people”, she told the dozens of participants who attend the event onboard.