Donisha and Komi on Peace Boat discussing racism and its antidotes

From the Ship

Being and Sharing Love: Donisha Prendergast and Komi Olafimihan

Nov 17, 2023

Activists, filmmakers, artists, and storytellers Donisha Prendergast and Komi Olafimihan recently embarked on the 115th Global Voyage as guest educators. Their activities while on board, including a lecture from Donisha on the concept of ‘One Love’, live painting by Komi, and an outdoor reggae night, just to name a few, were very popular among participants who experienced how community and friendship can develop through music and art.

One Love Is Action

Donisha shared her various disciplines including her work as an actor, film director, a social activist, and artist. Her presentation on ‘One Love Is Action’ encapsulated the concept of ‘One Love’, a phrase first coined by her late grandfather Bob Marley, a Jamaican social activist and songwriter. Donisha believes ‘One Love’ is derived from the purpose, passion and presence of individuals taking action to create progressive changes in society. To foster ‘One Love’, we can assess, educate, innovate, and integrate these beliefs in our lives. Donisha describes ‘One Love’ by explaining the deeper meaning and the significance of each word: “‘One’ is a collection of many pieces, together. ‘Love’ is a process that identifies a true defiant, safe space that empowers a feeling of being whole. A knowing that we are stronger together”. 

Donisha talking on 'One Love'


In collaboration with her partner Komi, Donisha has produced and starred in several films including Black Bodies', a film based on a real-life incident encountered by Fyffe-Marshall, Komi Olaf and Donisha Prendergast who were mistaken for burglarizing their Airbnb rental. Donisha and others were interrogated by the police and believe the incident was racially motivated given that it occurred in a predominantly White neighborhood in California. The film shares the trauma endured by the victims and addresses the greater need to eradicate anti-Black racism. Black Bodies, which premiered at the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival, was viewed by voyage participants on the boat deck.  

Fusing Black African History and Futurism

Komi, a Canadian visual artist who expresses his work through the domain of painting, digital illustration, and mural art presented his work on Afro-futurism. The Afro-futurism movement explores the intersection of Black African history and culture with science fiction and futuristic themes through an artistic lens. This artistic movement incorporates Black history and identity by envisioning liberated futures for Black lives. Throughout his time on board, Komi had various live painting sessions for participants to follow the different stages and progress of his work. The final painting was later auctioned off with the profits donated to fund future Peace Boat advocacy programs.  

Komi discussing his artKomi Olafimihan showcasing different examples of his art

Donisha and Komi's time on board concluded with a Reggae Night themed “Simmer Down Sundaze” with participants dancing and singing to various Bob Marley songs. Many participants were seen socializing and conversing with Donisha and Komi throughout the evening, and it marked a perfect end to their voyage. We are grateful to Donisha and Komi for sharing their vision on board, supporting participants in developing meaningful relationships and gaining a broader perspective.

Reggae Night