Brandon Levy is the SOA Programme Director.

From the Ship

SOA Joins Peace Boat for UN World Oceans Day

Jun 21, 2019


SOA Programme Director, Brandon Levy, joined the 101st Global Voyage of Peace Boat as a symbol of the partnership between Sustainable Ocean Alliance and Peace Boat. Brandon joined Peace Boat's Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors and hundreds of participants on a voyage from Ponta Delgada to New York City, where they docked to host a special event for UN World Oceans Day on June 8, 2019. 

On his voyage across the Atlantic Ocean on Peace Boat's "Ocean Dream," Brandon hosted seminars and facilitated workshops for Peace Boat's Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors, young leaders from Small Island States in the Pacific, Indian, and the Caribbean.

These workshops focused on strategy frameworks (design thinking, systems thinking, and polarity mapping), conscious leadership (cultivating presence, emotional wellbeing, and resilience), climate change (eco-entrepreneurship, policy reform, and youth mobilization) and professional development (building your brand, crafting personal + professional visions/pitches, and how to network authentically). Brandon also delivered keynotes on the 'State of Our Ocean' and 'Climate Equanimity: How to Change With Our Climate'. The message Brandon provided the youth ambassadors and all Peace Boat participants is that addressing global ocean health isn't achieved solely through science and policy but also through consciousness shift and personal development.

On World Oceans Day, SOA and Peace Boat co-hosted a special program on Gender and Entrepreneurship as it pertains to ocean health and UN Sustainable Development Goal 14. Daniela Fernandez, Founder, and CEO of SOA, participated in a panel alongside Marissa Cuevas and Julie Davitz. Together, they shared insights on how entrepreneurship and sustainable financing can drive solutions to ocean issues and amplify the voices of minorities in the sustainability movement.