Staff member Okada Aya gave a Climate Reality presentation during the 103rd Oceania Voyage.

From the Ship

Climate Reality Leaders take action on the 103rd Oceania Voyage

May 15, 2020

Last October Peace Boat partnered with the Climate Reality Project in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps Tokyo Training, a two-day conference that brought together students, activists and professionals of all walks of life to network and develop strategies for raising awareness about climate change.

The Climate Reality Project, created by climate activist and former US Vice President Al Gore in 2005, is devoted to fighting the climate crisis through education and grassroots leadership trainings to equip individuals to take action.

The Peace Boat staff members who attended the Tokyo training are active Climate Reality Leaders committed to taking regular actions towards addressing the climate crisis. On the 103rd Oceania Voyage, staff members gave presentations about pollution, climate change, rising sea levels, and renewable energy. 

The 103rd Voyage visited six island nations on its voyage around Oceania. Climate change poses a direct threat to small island nations as rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns endanger people's safety and livelihoods. 

Peace Boat’s visit to six ports in Australia during this voyage also came as much of the country was battling some of the worst bushfires in decades, heightening the urgency of these onboard actions. Wildfires are expected to continue to increase in frequency and intensity as climate change elevates temperatures and prolongs dry seasons. 

These activities also followed similar presentations given on the 101st and 102nd Voyages, and will continue to be a core part of Peace Boat educational voyages in the future. 

Last November, Peace Boat  joined the Climate Reality Project's “24 Hours of Reality”, a global event consisting of thousands of presentations held around the world. Presentations were held both on the 102nd Voyage and in Tokyo about the truth of the climate crisis, possible solutions, and how Peace Boat is taking action.