From the Ship

Peace Boat hosts the Berghof Foundation Tübingen annual meeting onboard

May 28, 2019

During the Mediterranean segment of Peace Boat’s 101st voyage, the Berghof Foundation Tübingen held its annual meeting onboard as the ship travelled between the ports of Piraeus and Valletta. The Berghof Foundation supports efforts to prevent political and social violence and to achieve sustainable peace through conflict transformation, based on education and training on non-violent conflict resolutions.

The group of 13 members of the Berghof Foundation Tübingen gave a public presentation on its work and main programmes, including presenting their peace education projects in Jordan and Iran and conflict transformation training projects in schools in Germany. A very new project “Digital Peace” attracted particular attention. This project targets young people and users of social media, with the aim to equip them with the knowledge and tools to recognize "fake news" and eliminate hate speech and verbal violence in social media.

The representatives of the Berghof Foundation took part also in an exchange programme at the University of Malta, together with Peace Boat's Ocean and Climate Youth Ambassadors, discussing the reality of the climate crisis with professors of environmental studies at the university.

This meeting was held as part of the ongoing cooperation between Peace Boat and the Berghof Foundation, which together with Tübingen University was formally established in 2005.

Svenja Brunkhorst and Nicole Rieber explain the programme Digital Peace

 Isabella Bauer and Neda Pouryekta present the Berghof Foundation's peace education programme in Iran

Uli Jägger, director of the Berghof Foundation Tübingen, welcomes the audience.