Wanjira Mathai joined Peace Boat's 100th Global Voyage.

From the Ship

Video: Wanjira Mathai

Jan 8, 2019

World-renowned Kenyan environmental activist Wanjira Mathai joined Peace Boat's 100th Global Voyage, to share the work of the Wangari Maathai Foundation (WMF), named after her mother, the late Professor, and Nobel Peace Laureate.

The WMF’s mission is to advance the legacy of Professor Maathai by nurturing a culture of purpose and integrity that inspires courageous leadership, and recognizes that because young people will play a profound role in shaping the nation’s future, nurturing of their core values - in particular, courageous leadership, is necessary to remedy youth apathy, powerlessness, and disillusionment. Watch the video to learn more about Wanjira Mathai time onboard.  

100th Global Voyage: Wanjira Mathai from Peace Boat on Vimeo.