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Navigating Oceania: 103rd Voyage Guest Educators P...


Meet more of the Guest Educators who brought our voyage themes to life on the 103rd Oceania Voyage. 

Peace Boat joins the call for a Global Ceasefire N...


Peace Boat adds our voice to the call for a global ceasefire.

Navigating Oceania: 103rd Voyage Guest Educators P...


The 103rd Oceania Voyage returned in February, 2020 after charting a 56-day course from Japan through the South Pacific, making stops in Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, and more.

Peace Boat joins the International Alliance to Com...


The International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification (OA Alliance) brings together governments and organizations across the globe dedicated to taking action to protect coastal communities and livelihoods from the threat of ocean acidification.

Stories of the Black Mist: First Nation anti-nucle...


The fight for Australia's land – and a nuclear-free future – is being fought by the same people who have guarded it for tens of thousands of years.

Preventative Measures related to COVID-19


Preventative measures related to COVID-19

9 years since March 11, 2011: Peace Boat Reflects


9 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, and subsequent nuclear power plant disaster.

PBV Message: [9 years since the Great East Japan E...


[9 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami]
With each day that has passed

"Cambodia Hand Washing Project" in collaboration w...


"Cambodia Hand Washing Project" in collaboration with Lush Japan

Guest Educators on the 103rd Voyage


Profiles of the diverse Guest Educators who joined the 103rd Oceania Voyage.

All Aboard: Peace Boat hosts ICAN Workshops across...


As the 103rd Voyage crossed Australian waters, Peace Boat collaborated with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons to host a series of workshops in five cities throughout the country.

Japan Climate Initiative statement calls on the Ja...


The Japan Climate Initiative calls on the Japanese government to enhance its Nationally Determined Contributions.