Peace Boat organizes its voyages on chartered passenger ships, adapting the onboard spaces to provide a unique and dynamic environment for its participants. Since April 2009, Peace Boat has been chartering the SS Oceanic for its global voyages.
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SS Oceanic
img The SS Oceanic was built in 1965 by Cantieri Riuniti dell' Adriatico, Monfalcone, Italy. Originally running transatlantic voyages between Europe and North America during the northern hemisphere summer, and cruising during winter. The Oceanic has at various times also sailed under the names of Starship Oceanic and Big Red Boat I.
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The SS Oceanic has a draft of 8.6 meters, length of 238.4 meters, beam of 29.4 meters. Its total weight is 38,772 tonnes, and its navigation speed is 27 knots. The maximum passenger capacity of the vessel is 1550.

The ship is fitted with stabilizers and has the latest safety system based on SOLAS international safety standards.
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The array of public spaces on the ship have been adapted to serve as lecture halls, classrooms, offices, workshop rooms and rehearsal areas. Students from the Global University, International Student and Global English and Espanol Training programs use the classrooms, and the ballroom and lounges are ideal venues for public speaking, functioning both as lecture halls and stage spaces.

Participants are also free to use the various areas around the ship for self planned events, such as educational presentations, displays of artwork, sports clubs, dance practice or planning campaigns for peace activism.

At the hub of Peace Boat’s activities is the Peace Center or “P-Cen,” an office space used by both staff and participants to coordinate onboard events, edit videos, produce posters, plan campaigns and publish the Peace Boat newspaper.

As well as these working spaces, the ship also offers a variety of places to relax, including a sports deck, gym, library, cinema, swimming pools, coffee shops, bars and a sunbathing deck.

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