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Voyage Itinerary

A very special project took place on Peace Boat's 63rd Global Voyage. 103 Hibakusha (Atomic Bomb Survivors) of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were invited to join the four-month global journey to share their testimonies of the experience of the atomic bomb with people around the world.

This project presents an opportunity to reconsider the realities of nuclear weapons together with people from many countries, and to build a foundation of global civil society action towards the abolition of nuclear weapons. The universal message of the voices of Hibakusha calling for nuclear abolition must be heard by the world today. Yet their voices remain unheard, and the time remaining to hear directly from the Hibakusha is becoming more and more limited.

This historic voyage was a unique chance to pass along the stories and memories of the Hibakusha, their sufferings and hopes for the future to present and future generations. Through direct interaction with youth, citizens, NGOs and victims of wars from other parts of the world, the Hibakusha not only act as peace and disarmament educators, raising awareness on the dangers of nuclear weapons and the human costs of war, but also forcefully add their voices to the call to abolish all nuclear weapons and create an alternative vision for peace and global stability that does not rely on force.

In addition to filming and producing two documentary films of the Hibakushas' testimonies and experiences on board, public events were held in all ports of call and interactive programs with local civil society organizations and governmental disarmament officials were organized. A delegation of Hibakusha also visited the United Nations headquarters in New York for a presentation to the UN General Assembly’s 63rd Session.

The Hibakusha Project took place from September 7, 2008 to January 13, 2009 on Peace Boat’s 63rd Global Voyage, visiting a total of 22 ports in 20 countries.

In commemoration of Peace Boat's 25th Anniversary, this project connected Hibakusha with citizens, NGOs and youth throughout the world, to give a new breath of life to the global network of citizens working for peace and nuclear abolition.
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Read about the project overview, major outcomes, activities in ports and special delegations, and post-voyage activities in the summary report of the inaugural Global Voyage for a Nuclear-Free World - Peace Boat Hibakusha Project. >>READ MORE
special report circle
  December 16, 2008
Hibakusha visit New York and the United Nations to Appeal for a Nuclear Free World
  December 14, 2008
Testimony of Takeuchi Kouzou – 63rd Global Voyage for a Nuclear Free World, Hibakusha Project Participant
  December 7, 2008
Yamashita Yasuaki Interview – Old Memories in a New Land
  December 4, 2008
Testimony of Tanaka Toshiko – 63rd Global Voyage for a Nuclear Free World, Hibakusha Project Participant
  December 4, 2008
Testimony of Endo Hiroshi – 63rd Global Voyage for a Nuclear Free World, Hibakusha Project Participant
  October 27, 2008
Testimony of Setsuko Thurlow, an NGO presentation to the First Committee of the General Assembly of the United Nations
  September 28, 2008
Korean Hibakusha – The forgotten ones
  September 11, 2008
Hibakusha Project Launch – A Voyage of Remembrance, Unity and Hope.
  September 1, 2008
General Information – The Atomic Bombs and Hibakusha
  August 27, 2008
Messages and List of Supporters

December 2, 2008
Special Report – Hibakusha Project in Venezuela

  November 28, 2008
Las Palmas – Home away from home for Japan's Peace Constitution
  November 15, 2008
Caracas, Venezuela – Peace Boat Hibakusha Project Delegation Visit
  October 10, 2008
Massawa, Eritrea – The Onboard Atomic Bomb Museum
  October 2, 2008
Kochi, India – Historic Kochi points to a brave future
  September 24, 2008
In Pictures – Photo Tour I of Peace Boat Hibakusha Project in Viet Nam
  December 29, 2008
Letter to Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, from the Participants of the Peace Boat Hibakusha Project
  October 20, 2008
Peace Boat Hibakusha Project Barcelona Statement
  October 14, 2008
Piraeus appeal for a nuclear free world and a nuclear free Europe
  September 29, 2008
Kochi Statement for a Nuclear-Free World
  September 7, 2008
Press Conference at Ship Departure – Press Release
  July 3, 2008
100 Hibakusha of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to join Peace Boat Global Voyage – Press Release