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voyage no LAST UPDATE  January 18, 2007
Peace Boat`s 53rd Voyage for Peace, departing April 5 2006, will travel through Asia and the Indian Ocean before cruising to The Mediterranean and Europe through the Suez Canal, and returning to Tokyo on July 16th via Jamaica, El Salvador and Alaska.

The 53rd Voyage will see Peaceboat return to El Salvador after a break of two years, with a chance to build further relationships with our partner organisations there. The Global University will conduct a unit centering on issues in the Middle East, with an overland study programme in this region embarking from Jordan.

The arrival of Peaceboat in Vancouver on the 28th June will coincide with the final day of the World Peace Forum 2006, “Cities and Communities: Working together to End War and Build a Peaceful, Just and Sustainable World”.
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Vancouver – The World Peace Forum
The World Peace Forum held on the University of British Columbia campus
“In 2003, the peace and justice community of Vancouver had a dream. The dream was to harness the energy and momentum of the anti-Iraq war movement and put it towards a grander vision of ending all wars and building a peaceful world. That dream came to fruition as the first World Peace Forum was held in Vancouver, Canada on June 23rd to 28th. Peace Boat sailed into Vancouver to participate in the final day of the forum. >>read more
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arrow June 23, 2006
Okinawa Day
arrow June 21, 2006
Global English and Espanol Training Programme
arrow May 18, 2006
Control Arms Million Face Campaign
arrow May 13, 2006
Fair trade
arrow May 3, 2006
International Students Programme – Israel and Palestine
arrow April 26, 2006
20th Anniversary of Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
arrow April 14, 2006
The Peace and Green Boat – Kang Hey-Jung
arrow April 11, 2006
Onboard Agent Orange Campaign
arrow April 5, 2006
Departure of Peace Boat’s 53rd Global Voyage for Peace
arrow June 28, 2006
Vancouver, Canada – The World Peace Forum
arrow June 10, 2006
Montego Bay, Jamaica – Preserving and Protecting Nature
arrow June 6, 2006
New York, USA – People Building Peace Concert
arrow May 26, 2006
Dublin, Ireland – Glencree Reconciliation Center
arrow May 19, 2006
London, UK – Immigration and Refugee issues of London
arrow May 16, 2006
Bilbao, Spain – Survivors of the Gernika bombing
arrow May 4, 2006
Piraeus, GreeceEuropean Social Forum
arrow May 4, 2006
Aqaba, Jordan – Visiting the Ba’qaa Refugee Camp
arrow April 21, 2006
Colombo, Sri Lanka – Post Tsunami Reconstruction
arrow April 12, 2006
Da Nang, Viet Nam – Ky La Village
arrow June 18, 2006
Setsuko Thurlow
arrow June 16, 2006
In Pictures – Photo Tour IV of Life Onboard
arrow June 12, 2006
Portrait of a Peace Boat participant
arrow June 7, 2006
Dennis and Tashina Banks
arrow June 4, 2006
In Pictures – Photo Tour III of Life Onboard
arrow May 25, 2006
In Pictures – Photo Tour II of Life Onboard
arrow May 24, 2006
Sinead O'Rourke
arrow May 24, 2006
Sean O'Boyle
arrow May 3, 2006
Abdulkarim Abulhaija
arrow May 1, 2006
In Pictures – Photo Tour I of Life Onboard
arrow April 25, 2006
The Power of Documentaries – Kamanaka Hitomi
arrow April 19, 2006
Music of the Heart – Koh-Tao
arrow April 17, 2006
The Challenges of Reconciliation in Sri Lanka – Dr. Mario Gomez
arrow April 10, 2006
My Life During the Viet Nam War – My Doan Thi Takasaki