August 1, 2010
Peace Boat Statement in Support of the Convention on Cluster Munitions

1 de agosto de 2010
Comunicado de El Barco de la Paz en apoyo a la Convención sobre Municiones de Racimo
arrow June 24, 2010
GPPAC Northeast Asia Statement for a Peaceful Solution to the Cheonan Incident in Support of Korean Civil Society

June 1, 2010
Peace Boat condemns Israeli attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and Calls for an End to the Blockade

1 de junio de 2010
El Barco de la Paz condena el ataque israelí en la Flotilla de la Libertad para Gaza y lanza un llamado para poner fin al bloqueo

arrow December 18, 2009
Statement in response to the International Commission on Nuclear Non-proliferation and Disarmament (ICNND) Report
arrow December 10, 2009
Global Warming is a Threat to Peace – Peace Boat's Statement to call for an agreement at COP15

November 13, 2009
A statement from Peace Boat calling for Japan-US cooperation towards nuclear abolition on the occasion of President Obama's visit to Japan

arrow August 19 2009
Mourning the loss of Kim Dae-jung, former President of the Republic of Korea
arrow July 2, 2009
Call for the release of Mairead Maguire and human rights activists on humanitarian mission to Gaza detained by Israel

June 24, 2009
Statement to the United Nations Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development

24 de junio de 2009
Comunicado a la Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre la Crisis Financiera y Económica Mundial y sus Efectos en el Desarrollo


May 26, 2009
Peace Boat statement to the Six Party Talk states regarding the North Korean Nuclear Test

26 de mayo de 2008
Llamado del Barco de la Paz a los miembros de las Conversaciones Six-Partitas, con respecto a la prueba nuclear llevada a cabo por Corea del Norte

25 de mayo de 2008
Conferencia Global sobre el Artículo 9 para la Abolición de La Guerra- ¡Un Gran Éxito!
arrow October 9, 2007
GPPAC Northeast Asia Statement on the Situation of Burma/Myanmar
arrow August 13, 2007
International Women's Peace and Solidarity Mission to Basilan and Mindanao (Philippines)
arrow July 31, 2007
Peace Boat Statement Regarding the US House of Representatives "Comfort Women" Resolution
arrow July 11, 2007
Peace Boat Statement Calling for Fujimori's Immediate Return to Peru to be Tried for His Responsibility in Massacres and other Human Rights Violations
arrow June 18, 2007
GPPAC Asia Pacific Statement: Concerning the Monitoring of Civil Society’s Activities for Peace by Japan’s Ground Self - Defense Forces
arrow May 25, 2007
GPPAC-NEA Ulaanbaatar Statement
arrow May 25, 2007
Joint Statement in Connection with Dr. El Baradei’s Call for a New Security Paradigm
arrow April 18, 2007
Peace Boat Response to the Untimely Passing of Nagasaki Mayor Itcho Ito
arrow March 15, 2007
A Call to the Government of Japan to Support the Oslo Initiative to Ban Cluster Bombs
arrow December 29, 2006
Peace Boat's statement in protest of the enforced revision of the Fundamental Law of Education and seeking its repeal
arrow October 9, 2006
Peace Boat Emergency Statement in Protest at the North Korean Nuclear Tests and a Call for Immediate Dialogue
arrow July 11, 2006
Korean Missile Crisis: Northeast Asian Citizens’ Call for a Peaceful Solution
arrow December 29, 2006
Peace Boat's statement in protest of the enforced revision of the Fundamental Law of Education and seeking its repeal
arrow October 13, 2006
GPPAC Northeast Asia Statement: Condemning the DPRK's Nuclear Testing, Northeast Asian Citizens Call for Immediate Talks for Peace
arrow July 11, 2006
Joint Statement*
Northeast Asian Citizens’ Call for a Peaceful Solution to the Missile Crisis
arrow May 1, 2006
Peace Boat officially announced the launch of it's new project in cooperation with Victor Entertainment Inc.
arrow March 6, 2006
GPPAC Northeast Asia Statement: Overcoming Divisions and Building Peace Through Civil Society Initiatives
arrow December 1, 2005
Joint Statement from Peace Boat and the NGO Coalition for Human Rights, Fiji
arrow November 12, 2005
Peace Boat calls for the early extradition of former President Mr. Alberto Fujimori of Peru
arrow October 28, 2005
Peace Boat Statement Against the Agreement on Realignment of U.S. forces in Japan
arrow October 17, 2005
Statement from Peace Boat against the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to the Yasukuni Shrine
arrow October 17, 2005
Joint statement from the citizens of East Asia:
We Protest Against the Visit of Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to Yasukuni Shrine
arrow September 7-9, 2005
Peace Boat staff Hazuki Yasuhara panel member at 58th DPI/NGO Conference at the UN
arrow August 30, 2005
Voices from Japan's NGOs to the Millennium +5 Summit
arrow August 29, 2005
Peace Boat's Youth Ambassadors for Disarmament present their statement to Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs
arrow August 23, 2005
Report on Peace Boat activities at the GPPAC Conference
arrow August 8, 2005
Northeast Asian Citizens Call on the Six-Party Talk for a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone
arrow July 19, 2005
Global Article 9 Campaign Website Launched
arrow May 24, 2005
Call for an indefinite postponement of the operation of the Rokkasho plutonium reprocessing plant
arrow May 12, 2005
Joint Statement: Japan Should Avoid Collision Course with Asian Neighbors
arrow April 4, 2005
East Asian Conflict Prevention Network Opposes Japanese government's approval of Distorted History Text
arrow December 9, 2004
Protesting the Japanese Government’s Decision to Extend the Self-Defense Forces’ Deployment in Iraq
arrow November 9, 2004
Stop the Attacks on Falluja
arrow October 13, 2004
Statement on the death of Japanese hostage and call for withdrawal of Japan's troops
arrow October 9, 2004
Message from Gaza and Peace Boat Statement
arrow March 25, 2004
Statement on the assassination of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin
arrow March 11, 2004
Response to March 11 Madrid Terror Attack: A joint declaration
arrow December 8, 2003
Emergency NGO Statement Against the Dispatch of the Self Defense Force
arrow October 18, 2003
Statement on the Dispatch of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and Monetary Contribution to the Iraq War Effort
arrow August 21, 2003
Statement by Peace Boat on the attack on UN Headquarters in Baghdad and the death of Sergio Vieira de Mello
arrow August 8, 2003
A Position Paper from Peace Boat's 41st Global Voyage "Towards a Nuclear-Weapons-Free and Peaceful Northeast Asia"
arrow August 24, 2002
No Peace Without Sustainability, No Sustainability Without Peace
arrow April 10, 2002
For Peace and Justice in Palestine and Israel - Stop Killing! End the Occupation