arrow March 1, 2010
Fundraising for disaster relief after Chile earthquake

January 17, 2010
Peace Boat launches emergency aid drive for Haiti Earthquake

17 de enero de 2010
La ONG “El Barco de la Paz” lanza Campaña de ayuda para los afectados por el terrremoto en Haití

arrow August 13, 2007
International Women's Peace and Solidarity Mission to Basilan and Mindanao (Philippines)
arrow July 31, 2007
Peace Boat Statement Regarding the US House of Representatives "Comfort Women" Resolution
arrow September 25, 2007
Calling for Donations for Emergency Relief for DPRK floods
arrow April 24, 2007
GPPAC Ulaanbaatar Meeting, May 24-25, 2007
arrow February 14, 2007
Be Our Valentine, and Resign!
arrow September 6, 2006
Special Report – Peace Boat sponsors workshops at the DPI/NGO Conference at the UN Headquarters in New York
arrow June 6, 2006
Second Annual People Building Peace Concert
arrow November 1, 2005
Stop! Constitutional Revision Rampage!
Japan-Korea simultaneous rally in opposition to the revision of Article 9
arrow October 28, 2005
East Asian citizens jointly protest against the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi to Yasukuni Shrine
arrow August 8, 2005
Joint Korea-Japan Candle Message for Peace
arrow July 15, 2005
Northeast Asian Citizens Join Forces at UN
arrow June 28, 2005
No more Hiroshima
arrow April 26, 2005
Civil Society Initiative to Improve East Asian Relations
arrow April 22, 2005
Japanese youth react to protests in China with Peace March
arrow December 9, 2004
Celebration of Ratification of Kyoto Protocol
arrow November 1, 2004
Emergency call to Koizumi – In Commemoration of Koda Shosei: A Protest to the Koizumi Administration
arrow March 20, 2004
The World Still Says NO to War: Plans for Tokyo Action
arrow March 15, 2004
End the Occupation of Iraq! Bring the Troops Home!
arrow February 7, 2004
Symposium on civil society in Northeast Asia
arrow February 5, 2004
Northeast Asian Peace Activists meet to develop Civil Society Cooperation with the United Nations in Conflict Prevention. Director of Nanjing Massacre Museum to visit Yasukuni Shrine
arrow January 16, 2005
Peace Boat Tsunami Victims Tribute Event
arrow September 13, 2003
Global Day of Action Against War and Corporate Rule
arrow September 9, 2003
Peace Now Korea Japan's Human Message for Peace
arrow May 15, 2003
Peace Boat calls on the Public to Participate in Campaigns for Justice and Peace. No More Cluster Bombs! - Demonstration Stop Emergency Legislation! Stop the militarisation of Japan. Japan Network for Bringing Fujimori to Justice
arrow April 2, 2003
Peace Boat celebrates 20 years of peace-making around the world. World Peace Now Rally and Peace Parade
arrow July 3, 2001
Silent Appeal to save the Kyoto Protocol. Eritrean Lawyer's study programme in Tokyo