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December 12, 2009 Parties 4 Peace – promoting a culture of peace through music and dance

Fair Trade and Eco-Fashion show “make your peace”, an event to promote environmental awareness through music and dance. (Photo by Ikematsu Hiro)

Before the departure of Peace Boat`s 68th global voyage, Peace Boat staff member and event organizer Emilie McGlone joined together with local NGOs PangeaSeed and Peace Not War Japan to host “Earth Groove.” The event, held on December 11, brought together activists, artists and musicians to promote environmental awareness and raise funds to help various projects taking place onboard Peace Boat`s 68th Global Voyage, which departed from Yokohama, Japan on December 28, 2009.
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Carmelita Nuqui, DAWN's executive director and a regular guest educator onboard Peace Boat, shows off a beautiful dress made by the women in her organization.

Peace Boat visited the Philippines for the first time in several years on the 68th Voyage. On September 26, 2009 the country was hit by Tropical Storm Ondoy (known internationally as Ketsana), the most devastating storm faced by the Philippines in 40 years. Over one month's worth of rainfall hit Metro Manila, one of the world's largest cities, and over 12 million Filipinos were affected.

Peace Boat is working together with partner organisations in the Philippines, including People's Global Exchange (PGX) and the Zone One Tondo Organisation (SM-ZOTO) to support local relief efforts for those affected by the disaster. Fundraising efforts are ongoing both in Japan and onboard the ship, and will go to support the activities of PGX and SM-ZOTO. Both organisations were involved in organising programmes to receive Peace Boat participants during the ship's call to Manila on January 3.

In addition to aiding disaster relief efforts, the event also supported the Development Action for Women`s Network (DAWN), a Philippines-based NGO founded in 1996 and dedicated to women's and children's issues, which is also a long-term partner of Peace Boat. “Earth Groove” featured an eco-fashion show with fair trade products by DAWN, followed by an ocean-themed parade by PangeaSeed's artistic partners, Me&Yu fashion. Live artists from Sideroom and Wrecks collaborated to finish an artistic piece auctioned off at the end of the night, which raised more than $200 USD. Peace Boat guest educator and oriental dancer Luna also gave a special performance after the fashion show, joined by previous Peace Boat participants and dance students.

Parties 4 Peace artists volunteering their time and talent for a good cause paint a 7ft long surfboard to promote the protection of sea life and the oceans in Japan. (Photo by Tre Packard)

All funds from the Earth Groove event were donated towards supporting disaster relief efforts for the Philippines, and another environmental project to take place on the 68th Global Voyage to protect the nature of Patagonia, South America. Six youth activitists and artists from Argentina, Uruguay and Chile will join a two-week segment of the voyage and promote environmental awareness and international cooperation while traveling onboard from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Valparaiso, Chile. Together with local NGO CODEFF (the National Commmittee to protect the Flora and Fauna of Chile), the Latin American youth activists and Peace Boat participants will join in the campaign to make Patagonia a world heritage site recognized by UNESCO.

Japanese artist, Tsutsui Ryo from Tokyo, will join the Patagonia campaign in South America when Peace Boat visits the Chilean ports of Punta Arenas and Valparaiso in February, 2010. (Photo by Alexis Wuillaume)

Parties 4 Peace is a non-profit event production group that seeks to raise awareness about these important issues and fundraise through creative art and music production events in Tokyo. To learn more about its activities, please visit the Parties 4 Peace website at

“FLY” on January 29: artists and activists will come together to promote the Patagonia campaign
PLACE: Favela in Aoyama, Tokyo
Entrance 3000 yen, Doors open at 10 PM