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About this Project

Connecting People

UPA stands for "United People's Alliance". This name comes from Peace Boat's understanding that it is key to build individual relations that do not sway with bilateral and international state relations at the government level.

During Peace Boat's Global Voyages, we are able to see the many realities that people around the world face such as war and poverty. We interact with people living in "slums," and we play with street children. UPA was founded from the relationships built through these interactions. By meeting and talking to individuals around the world, we were inspired to support them in their efforts to change the realities of their communities. Since its foundation, UPA has been delivering aid to NGOs and civil groups in different countries based on their direct requests and needs. This work has allowed us to build networks with different organizations throughout the world.

UPA's Work

UPA's main job is to listen to the needs of the people we meet. We collect supplies according to these needs, and personally bring the supplies to the hands of those that need it. We take part in face to face aid work where we can see the faces and hands of those that receive the supplies, and make connections that last for a lifetime.

Aid that works to create Cooperation and independence

The danger of sending needed supplies to poor countries is that it could rob the people of independence, and ruin their economy. UPA works not only to communicate with the local people, but works to educate and skill individuals to enable and encourage economic independence.

Donations that we are looking for!

- Guitars, ukuleles, pianicas etc
We are currently collecting musical instruments to take to Jamaica. These can be any instruments, in good condition. They are to be donated to the Alpha Boys School in Kingston.

- Recoders and Pianicas
Wind instruments, String instruments, Percussion instruments for an orchestra.
We are looking for instruments to donate to the "African Youth Ensemble" and the "Venezuela Youth Orchestra", music groups that provide hope and a safe place for children in vulnerable situations through music education.

- Bass and Reeds instruments (Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes, Trombones, Bass, etc.)
Together with the "One Love Jamaica Festival" in Japan, we are collecting bass and reed instruments to bring to "Alpha Boys School" in Kingston, Jamaica.

- Soccer Balls (Size 3~5)
Donated soccer balls will be delivered to schools and orphanages visited during our voyages.

- Bats, Baseballs, Gloves, etc. for Baseball
Venezuela is home to world-class baseball players. However, due to the poverty gap, many children and youth do not have the needed equipment to play baseball. We are looking for baseball equipment to give to local baseball teams.

- Equipment for Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, etc.
There are children that cannot get their hands on sports equipment because of poverty, or because of the environment they live in. We will bring your donations to schools, orphanages, and aid organizations through out the world.

Process for Donating

1. To consult about needed donations and the quality of supplies to be donated, please make sure to contact the Peace Boat Office before hand. (We will inform you of the time and date we will be able to receive your donations).
2. Please place your donations in a cardboard box. Please list the materials and the quantity of each material on the side of the box.
* If the materials you send are damaged in anyway, please make sure that they are fixed before hand.
* If the donation is an object that can be separated into several parts, please make sure to send all the parts together in one box so that it will not get separated or lost.
* Donations that are badly damaged or worn out, will be thrown away after inspection. We ask you for your understanding and cooperation. Please consult us if you have any doubts.
3. Please send it to the following address:

Peace Boat UPA Project
3-13-1-B1F Takadanobaba, Shinjuku
Tokyo 169-9975 JAPAN


Financial contributions to the projects are also welcomed!
These donations will be used for project activities, domestic transportation, and storage for donations.
Funds can be donated via Postal Transfer in amounts of 1000 yen.

Postal Transfer Account: 00180-6-705651
Subscriber: Peace Boat UPA
In the correspondence space, please write, "UPA"


"Peace Boat UPA International Project"
Shige Miura - Coordinator
TEL: 03-3363-7561
FAX: 03-3363-7562