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Aug 16, 2013 - Testimony of Mr. Miyake, survivor of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima Day
On Hiroshima day, August 6, Peace Boat staff member Rika Watanabe and intern Naoil Bendrimia met Mr Miyake, one of the guest educators on the 79th Peace Boat Global Voyage, at Iwanami Hall, Tokyo where he gave his testimony as a survivor of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima 68 years ago.

Mr Miyake told the audience all about the day he experienced the bomb when he was only a child, a day he still clearly remembers. His poignant story also made us better understand what it is being a Hibakusha (a survivor of the atomic bombing).

The Japanese government declared that the damages caused by the A-bomb were rare... however, "it was all lie", Mr Miyake says. In reality, the harm that the Hibakusha endured was not only physical, but also psychological. Furthermore, the legacy of the radiation was not limited to the post-war period. Many years after the tragedy, those who were exposed to the atomic bomb and radiation continued to be discriminated against by the rest of Japanese society. Many Hibakusha suffered from radiation-related diseases, which made it hard to work and earn a living and therefore receive treatment.

First and foremost, "I welcome the global trend that is in favor of the reduction of nuclear weapons, but a weapon with as much power as a nuclear bomb can destroy the world. For this reason, we must ask for the total abolition of nuclear weapons and nuclear power, not only the reduction"... such is the strong message Mr Miyake wants to transmit to future generations in his fight for remembrance and against war.

The conference started between the screening of two documentaries dealing with the subject:
"Things left behind"
"Hiroshima Nagasaki"

Article by Peace Boat intern Naoil Bendrimia
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