Peace Through Sports (Peace Ball)
What is the Peace Ball Project?

Soccer is the world's most popular sport. Through friendly soccer matches between Peace Boat participants and teams from local communities, Peace Boat's Peace Ball project utilizes the positive power of sports to foster friendships across cultural and language barriers. Moreover, many children are forced through poverty and other circumstances to make do with PET bottles and other makeshift items instead of soccer balls. Peace Boat participants collect donations in Japan and then support local communities and organizations through the delivery of soccer balls and other sporting items during our global voyages.

The Peace Ball Project was launched in June of 1999. Since then, Peace Ball has delivered more than 12,000 soccer balls to approximately 40 countries throughout the world. The project also works to raise awareness of what is going on in the world through participatory progammes in Japan and during Peace Boat global voyages, and uses sports as a vehicle for cultural exchange. Public events are held in Japan to collect soccer balls, volunteers go out on the streets to collect donations, and charity soccer tournaments and programmes are held as part of the Peace Ball Project's many activities.

If you are interested in this project, please feel free to contact us for more information.

2014 Project Update:

Peace Ball World Cup Campaign 2014:
Build a Soccer Ground for Brazil's Street Children!

In 2014, Peace Ball launched a campaign to raise funds for the construction of a soccer ground for street children in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This campaign was successful in raising approximately $15,000 USD, and the soccer ground was constructed by Sao Martinho, a local charity organization that protects the safety and rights and street children. Members of Peace Boat's 86th Global Voyage had the opportunity to visit the new soccer ground and enjoy a friendly match with the children it serves when the ship called in Rio de Janeiro on January 5, 2015. We were delighted to be able to help these young people kick off 2015 with a new facility that encourages their dreams and gives them a safe place to play. Everyone at Peace Ball extends their deepest appreciation to those who contributed to the campaign and helped make this new soccer ground possible.

Get Involved

The Peace Ball project is regularly in need of funds for storage space of collected items, and for domestic transport costs in the countries in which we deliver sporting goods. Donations can be made through:
Japan Post Bank Account: 00180-6-705651
Account Name: Peace Boat UPA
(* Please write "Peace Ball" on the correspondence column)

Yucho Bank: zeroichikyu(019)
Account Number: 0705651
Account Name: Peace Boat UPA
(* Please write "Peace Ball" on the correspondence column)

Volunteer Staff
We are seeking volunteers (currently in Japan) who would like to be involved in:
- Planning and organizing events including soccer tournaments
- Collecting donations
- Promoting projects

Partner organizations for Charity Events
We are seeking organizations that can:
- Work with us in charity events such as soccer tournaments and cultural exchange events.
- Share about our work to others.
- We also greatly appreciate donations!

If you are interested in volunteering, or are an organization wishing to support this campaign, please contact the Peace Ball Project:

Miura Shige
TEL: 03-3363-7561
FAX: 03-3363-7562
E-mail: pbglobal(a)