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A Japan-based international NGO working to promote peace, human rights, and sustainability. Guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Peace Boat’s Global Voyages offer a unique programme of activities centered on experiential learning and intercultural communication. With 35 years of experience, we have organized close to 70 around-the-world voyages, visiting more than 270 ports in 70 countries.

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Each year we organize three Global Voyages and two shorter Asian regional voyages. Over 1,000 participants visit as many as 20 different countries on our three-month Global Voyages. Both onboard and in-port, our programmes use travel and education to explore the main aspects of Peace Boat’s activities – peace, human rights, and sustainability.



Peace Boat carries out various projects and campaigns to promote peace, human rights and sustainability. Working with partner organizations and individuals in Japan, Northeast Asia and around the world, Peace Boat uses local grassroots actions, international conferences, global networking and media, as well as its ship, to raise awareness and make a positive impact on socio-political, economic and environmental issues.



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