Life Onboard
In Pics III: Italy to Norway, Jul 10, 2018
Peace Boat participants and staff enjoy the view from the deck of the Ocean Dream in the Strait of Messina.
8 June, the date the Ocean Dream passed through the Strait of Messina, was a dramatic day at sea. The Strait of Messina, which is 3.1 km wide at its narrowest point, runs between Sicily and the southern part of mainland Italy, and connects the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea within the Mediterranean. It was windy and cloudy, but Peace Boat participants and staff still went out to the deck to enjoy the views of the Italian coast.

A Peace Boat participant works on a wooden puzzle.
Wooden puzzles have become a popular weekly pastime on Peace Boat's 98th voyage, thanks to a participant who has brought a collection of puzzles he hand-carved himself to share with the other people onboard the Ocean Dream. He calls himself "Uncle Puzzle". Each Peace Boat voyage is different to the others, thanks largely to participants like "Uncle Puzzle" who bring their unique skills and passions with them onto the ship.

Peace Boat participants take part in a pub quiz about Europe.
Do you know what country the band ABBA is from? How many times France has won the FIFA World Cup? Where Michelangelo's David statue is located? On June 16th, participants and staff gathered together for a pub quiz about Europe to get more in the mood for the European branch of the 98th voyage. GET teachers led the event, in which participants were divided into groups, and answered trivia questions about Europe while enjoying a drink together.

Peace Boat participants listen to a cover of Obladi at Beatles Night.
Are you a fan of the Beatles? On 18 June, Paul McCartney's birthday, participants and staff gathered for a "Beatles Night" hosted by the GET teachers, where they danced to Beatles music, answered trivia questions about the group, and listened to live covers of Beatles songs. In the decades since the group first began working together, Beatles music has proven to be a powerful force in uniting people across generations and time zones in their shared appreciation for it, so a night to celebrate the Beatles was very suited to Peace Boat.

A Peace Boat participant walks the catwalk in the Masquerade Fashion Show.
On 19 June, the Ocean Dream hosted another one of its special events: the Masquerade. Peace Boat participants and staff painted their faces, got out fancy masks, and put on their best clothes for a night of fashion, wine, and games. After spending the afternoon getting dressed up and ready, the evening kicked off with a runway fashion show. Later, the crowd gathered together to take photos, enjoy drinks, and get to know each other better with games.

A Peace Boat mizupa reads an exert of a poem at a hibakusha testimony.
Peace Boat's orizuru project, whereby the ship offers atomic bomb survivors a platform to educate others about their experiences and advocate for peace and denuclearization, has remained a core part of Peace Boat's identity and mission. On 20 June, participants gathered to listen to testimony by Kuramori Terumi, who was a one-year-old baby when the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. The event also featured "mizupa", participants who've volunteered to help the hibakusha spread their message. Before Kuramori gave her testimony, mizupa read exerts of poems and writings by other atomic bomb survivors, accompanied by illustrations of the events.

The Ocean Dream passes through the Fjords of Norway.
1 July was one of the most scenic and special days of Peace Boat's 98th voyage: the day the Ocean Dream passed through the Fjords of the Norwegian coast. Fjords, narrow inlets surrounded by mountainous steep sides, are caused by the erosion of glaciers. The Norwegian Fjords see few sunny days in a year, but on 1 July, the weather was bright and clear, allowing the passengers onboard the Ocean Dream to comfortably enjoy the view the whole way through.