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On March 27, Peace Boat, the Japanese Lawyers International Solidarity Association (JALISA) and El Taller International will be holding, on behalf of the Global Article 9 Campaign, a session on Article 9 as part of the World Social Forum that will take place in Tunis on March 26-30, 2013.

Entitled "Save Japan's Peace Constitution! ??" Article 9, its global scope and its relevance for the Arab Spring and the Middle East", the event will give an insight on the challenges posed to Article 9 at the Japanese level and highlight the importance and relevance peace constitutions have as international peace mechanisms.

In the wake of the Arab Spring that has produced revolutionary changes of the political systems in Northern Africa and the Middle East, a debate on the role that peace clauses have in promoting peace, democracy, disarmament and human security could have a positive impact on countries that are faced with the opportunity to remodel their constitution.

In the current political context in Japan, the Global Article 9 Campaign wants to mobilize international CSOs to help to save Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution, campaign for peace clauses to be included in the constitution of other countries and preserve peace in Northeast Asia and in the world.

It will also seek to create a fruitful dialogue among participants on possible new legal and political avenues to achieve a global peace that does not rely on force.

Panelists will include Mr. Hiroshi Miyasaka, Secretary General of JALISA, Ms. Jasna Bastic, International Coordinator at Peace Boat, and Prof. Sadok Belaid, Chancellor of the University of Law, Tunis. A group of Tunisian lawyers from the Lawyer Association in Tunis and a delegation from JALISA (Japan) will take part in the 90-minute dialogue session.

Read the meeting's concept paper here as well as the official flyer here.

For more information about recent political developments in Japan related to the country's peace constitution, read this.

For more information about the World Social Forum 2013 in Tunis, visit the WSF website here.
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