Life Onboard
In Pics II: Sri Lanka to the Suez Canal, Jun 5, 2018
Participants prepare posters for Sports Day.
After the Ocean Dream departed from Sri Lanka on 23 May, it spent two weeks at sea. Participants still kept busy with plenty of festivities on board. Much of that time was dominated by anticipation and preparation for Sports Days, to be held on 31 May. Peace Boat participants divided into four teams - Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue - depending on their birthdays, and the groups prepared for the festival by creating posters, pom poms, banners, outfits, and of course, by practicing and rehearsing together for the games.

A Peace Boat participant models a dress in the Traditional Costumes Fashion Show.
On 29 May, Peace Boat was proud to hold one of its favourite events: the Traditional Costumes Fashion Show. Participants and staff put on their best clothes from around the world and strutted on stage, treating the audience to a display of clothes from countries such as Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and Switzerland. The event truly captured the diversity and spirit of Peace Boat.

Participants take part in a 'cat's cradle' workshop.
Every day, there are opportunities on the Ocean Dream for Peace Boat participants to learn new skills they may have never thought to try before. These workshops, some of which are led by the participants themselves, range from traditional arts, like calligraphy, to more light-hearted games or tricks, like 'cat's cradle'.

Guest educator Naoko Ritchers gives a talk on Dutch education.
On every Peace Boat voyage, the Ocean Dream hosts a series of guest educators, who serve as a core part of what makes the Peace Boat experience unique. Naoko Ritchers, a guest educator for the 98th voyage, grew up in Fukuoka, Japan, but has lived and worked in Africa, Central America, South America, and Europe. She studied comparative education and sociology, and has written and translated texts about education and teaching methodologies. She has given a number of talks for Peace Boat on Dutch education philosophy, offering insights that other countries stand to benefit from too.

A Peace Boat participant leads a group match of rock, paper, scissors.
The evening before Sports Day, participants and staff attended a pre-Sports Day event to get in the mood for the festival. The teams competed in two games that counted towards the points for the following day: a race to fold a giant paper crane in teams of three, and a 'rock, paper, scissors' group match with all participants that was played in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. By the end of the evening, the Red and Green teams were in the lead, with 40 points each.

Peace Boat participants take part in a ball-throwing competition as part of Sports Day.
31 May was a highly festive day for Peace Boat, as the participants and staff gathered on the deck of the Ocean Dream for a day of performances and competitions. The four teams (Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow) went through a series of games, such as tug-of-war and limbo. Though all the teams did their best and performed very well, the Blue team ended up victorious in the end, with a winning total of 900 points.

Peace Boat participants compete in a mahjong tournament.
Mahjong is one of the most popular pastimes onboard the Ocean Dream. On 2 June, Peace Boat mahjong enthusiasts gathered to participate in the voyage's first onboard tournament together. The matches went all day until a winner was declared in the evening. As mahjong is such a widely played game, it has many regional variations.

The Ocean Dream sails through the Suez Canal as participants have a barbecue.
On 3 June, the Ocean Dream passed through an important milestone for its 98th voyage: the Suez Canal. After waiting in the docking area overnight, the Ocean Dream began to move just before the sun rose, treating the participants to a leisurely morning passing through the canal. It was a sunny, warm day as the participants went out onto the deck to enjoy the spectacular view, and celebrate the special day with a barbecue. Nikki & Blue Sky, Peace Boat's band, came out to perform live music as participants danced, ate, and took in the scenery.