Special Report
98th Global Voyage Guest Educators, May 24, 2018
On Peace Boat, guest educators from various realms-such as professors, journalists, musicians, peace activists, social creators, and artists- are invited to join our voyages. In Japanese they are called 'mizusaki annainin' which means ship's pilot or navigator because they assist participants in navigating the themes and issues of the voyage ahead. Onboard, guest educators not only give lectures and workshops on a wide range of topics, they also co-create events with staff members and participants. They are an essential part of the onboard education programme and life onboard.

On Peace Boat's 95th Voyage, the following guests from Japan and other countries around the world are planning to join us onboard to share their experiences and wisdom.

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Chun-Jen MA (Yokohama - Keelung)
Reporter, Musician

Chun-Jen Ma started his career as a reporter. His first visit to Iraq was in 1996, to report on the Iraqi-Kurdish Civil War, which marked his very first step on the way to becoming a reporter for major international issues. He continued to report on conflicts and disasters world wide. Ma joined Tzu Chi Foundation, a Taiwan-based international humanitarian and non-governmental organization, in 2002. Aside from making documentaries about charity, medical assistance, and disaster-relief operations conducted by the foundation, he also actively engaged in humanitarian work. Ma visited Arabic cultural centers like Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, and during this time, he gained much knowledge on Middle-Eastern percussion instruments and music culture. Through Ma's promotion of Arabic culture in Asia, he expects people to connect with this region, and to eliminate stereotypes people once possessed regarding the Middle East.

MORIMOTO Miyoji (Yokohama - Keelung)
Director, NGO IDEA Japan

Born in Amami Oshima, Kagoshima Prefecture in 1938. Morimoto Miyoji was diagnosed with Hansen's Disease (Leprosy) in his third year of middle school and became a patient of the National Sanatorium Amami Wakoen, a sanatorium for leprosy patients. In order to attend Keio University, he moved to the National Sanatorium Tama Zenshoen in Tokyo. Upon graduation, Morimoto began working in finance, but was re-admitted to Tama Zenshoen when he relapsed. In 1996 he became the first person in Japan to publicly acknowledge that he had Hansen's Disease through an interview for a magazine. In 1999 he became the Secretariat for the Hansen's Disease plaintiff group that filed a lawsuit against Tokyo District Court. In 2001 Morimoto ran for a seat in the Upper House with backing from then Health and Welfare Minister KAN Naoto. In 2004 he founded NGO IDEA Japan, the Japanese branch of an international network aiding leprosy patients and ex-patients.

NOJIMA Tsuyoshi (Yokohama - Colombo)

Born in 1968, Nojima Tsuyoshi graduated from Sophia University with a degree in Media studies. During his college years, he studied abroad at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). In 1992, he started working for the Saga prefecture branch of Asahi Newspaper and after studying abroad in Xiamen, China, he was appointed the head of the Singapore branch in 2001. He also worked as a war correspondent covering the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. After having worked as a member of the politics department, the head of the Taipei branch , and deputy-chief of the international editorial department, he currently works as a freelance journalist. His writes on current affairs in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South East Asia, and his work has been translated and published in China and Hong Kong. His published work includes: "The Two Palace Museums", "What is Taiwan?" and more.

FUKATSU Takako (Yokohama - Colombo)
Certified Teacher, Association Montessori Internationale Vice President, Friends of AMI NIPPON

In the 1980s, Fukatsu Takako was engaged in relief efforts for Indochinese refugees who came into Thailand via land routes or the Mekong River. After constantly asking herself why refugees exist and how to put an end to war, she found her answer in a preschool within the refugee camp - peace begins with children. After returning to Japan, Fukatsu studied childhood education and worked at a Montessori kindergarten. She currently works as a freelance care advisor, spreading the message that "peace begins with children" through the Montessori Education at Home program, interpreting for teacher trainings and lectures, and translating works related to Montessori education. She will be joining the voyage as an advisor to the onboard Montessori Program, and will hold lectures on themes such as "Making peaceful use of our hands" and "The five senses and democracy".

SHIMOMURA Kenichi (Keelung - Singapore)
Journalist, former TBS Newscaster

Shimomura Kenichi joined the broadcasting division of the TBS news bureau in 1985. By the time he left TBS in 1999, he had worked as a newscaster, announcer, and on-location reporter. After TBS, he started working with NGOs, local communities and students to support community media outlets. Later, he was appointed the deputy director-general of the Japanese cabinet's public relations office and was in charge of overseeing the distribution of official cabinet information over the course of three administrations. Currently, he teaches at Hakuoh University while also being involved in a wide range of projects involving media education, including authoring elementary school textbooks. Some of the works he has authored include: "Opening the Window to Media Literacy" and "Turning on the Switch to the Imagination".

UI Takashi (Keelung - Piraeus)
Animation Director

Ui Takashi has a wide body of work to his name, starting from the production of the TV series "Touch" (1985-86), co-directing a film "Legend of the Forest" (1988) and other projects. He received an award for Best Children's Program in the National Art Festival for the TV series "Jungle Emperor Leo" (1989-90) for which he was both the writer and director. In collaboration with Peace Boat, he has been working on a project called "World Peace Symphony - Producing an Animé with Children Around the World", an animated clip featuring art drawn by children around the world on themes such as "dreams" and "the world I want to live in". In recent years he has also been working on musical, opera, concert, and live-action film productions.

GAO Yun Han (Keelung - Piraeus)

The Taiwanese Theatre Company Natajintogekibou, created by Gao Yun Han in 1995 celebrates its 23rd anniversary this year. The group strives to honour and preserve traditional culture through their special performances of Byokaigekijin. The group has also created a unique performance style to attract new audiences, and in doing so has also created a new platform for traditional culture. They also hope to attract international attention towards Taiwanese culture and Byokaigekijin. Through his performances, Gao is able to express his spirituality, pay respect to his culture, and enjoy the physical challenge. He believes that the people of Taiwan understand their land and its treasures best. The group fuses traditional style with new concepts to create a unique performance style. They hope to honour the roots of their culture while branching out to various audiences.

Neelakshi Chandrasena PREMAWARDHENA (Singapore - Colombo)
Professor, University of Kelaniya

Neelakshi Chandrasena Premawardhena is a professor in the Department of Modern Languages, and director of International Affairs at the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. Premawardhena's research covers several fields, including intercultural communication, sustainable development, learning traditions, culture in the foreign language classroom, and language change. One of her current projects is "Empowering Women for Sustainability: Poverty Alleviation of Underprivileged Women in Sri Lanka", which aims to improve self-reliance through training in different crafts for unemployed mothers. She has been working in partnership with Peace Boat since 2001 to organise programs and exchange tours, and onboard will be holding lectures to both introduce Sri Lanka and her areas of study.

RICHTERS Naoko (Colombo - Barcelona)
Dutch education Researcher; Advisor to the Japan Jenaplan Association

Richters Naoko was born in Shimonoseki and grew up in Fukuoka, Japan. She studied comparative education and sociology at Kyushu University. After living for 15 years in Africa, and Central and South America, she moved to the Netherlands in 1996. She began researching Dutch school education and social issues on her own. She regularly gives lectures and workshops, and organizes events in Japan that feature presentations by education researchers and experts from the Netherlands. She also conducts fieldwork and training programs for Japanese people visiting the Netherlands. As such, she has been a bridge between Japan and the Netherlands in the field of education at a civil-society level. Her publications and translations include "Education in the Netherlands","Schools That Learn", and "Towards Tomorrow's School" (DVD). She is the Founding Director and Advisor of the Japan Jenaplan Association.

AZUMA Chizuru (Santorini - Lisbon)

Born in Hiroshima, Azuma Chizuru became an actress after working in the business world. She has been active widely as a drama actress, TV commentator, MC, as well as being on TV ads and publishing books. In her private life, she has been involved in volunteer work for more than 25 years including Peace Village International in Germany, Japan Marrow Donor and many others. She launched the organization Get in Touch in October of 2012 in order to promote diversity in society through the mix of art and music. In July of 2017, her film 'I Am What I Am -Over the Rainbow-' in which she interviewed 45 members of the LGBTQ community was released. Her books and essays are full of her messages regarding life and society.

MO Bang Fu (Piraeus - Le Havre)
Writer, Journalist

Born in Shanghai, China. Mo Bang Fu arrived in Japan in 1985. As a journalist specialising in Japan, he writes about a wide range of topics, from politics and economics to society and culture. He is an active advisor and consultant for Japanese companies looking to become established in China, and works to encourage economic exchange between Japan and China. His works include Japanese bestsellers such as "Snakeheads", "Encyclopedia of all the States of China" and "New Overseas Chinese" - among many others. He has a column in the Diamond Online, the Jiji Web and the President magazine among others.

YOSHIOKA Atsushi (Piraeus - Le Havre)
Representative of Café Slow, NHK Culture Centre World Heritage Instructor, Former Secretary of the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan, Advisor of the Sloth Club

As the former Secretary of the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan , Yoshioka Atsushi has devoted himself over the last 30 years to the protection of world heritage sites and to creating educational projects about them. After an encounter with the indigenous people of Ecuador, he was inspired to set up Cafe Slow in 2001 which aims to create a new culture of environmentally-friendly and locally-based practices. On the voyage, he will give lectures on the 4.6 billion year history of the Earth, on human civilization, and on the creation of community usinesses such as Cafe Slow. He has published many books including "Recipe for a Happy Cafe - The Story of Cafe Slow".

Michael BRUTER (Cagliari - Lisbon)
Professor of Political Science and European Politics, London School of Economics

Michael Bruter joined the London School of Economics (LSE) in 2001. Michael received his undergraduate degree from the Institut d'Etudes Politiques (Institute of Political Studies) of Bordeaux (France), Masters from the Universities of Hull and Bordeaux, and his PhD from the University of Houston (USA). Michael has published widely in the fields of elections, political behaviour, political psychology, identities, public opinion, extreme right politics, and social science research methods. Michael will be sharing his knowledge about the EU, his thoughts on the Brexit vote and on voting behavior during his stay onboard.

Garba DIALLO (Copenhagen - Reykjavik)
Founding Director of the non-profit NGO Crossing Borders and head of Crossing Borders Global Studies, Krogerup Hjskole in Denmark

Garba has lived and studied for many years in the Middle East, Mauritania, Norway, and Denmark. He is a true citizen of the world with deep roots in Africa and branches spanning the globe. He is the coordinator and founding director of Crossing Borders and its Global Studies program at Krogerup Hjskole. His regional focuses are Africa and the Middle East. Other personal interests include writing, traveling, photography and meeting new people and experiencing new places and approaches. Onboard he will be conducting lectures and workshops about a variety of topics, including peace education and the Hjskole education system.

Tim COLE & BaoBao CHEN (Copenhagen - Reykjavik)
Artistic director/Producer of music and film project "Small Island Big Song"

Tim Cole is an Australian film director and music producer specialising in cross cultural indigenous arts projects - filmed, recorded and produced in the field independently. BaoBao Chen is a Taiwanese travel blogger, producer, and storyteller, attracting 153k facebook followers. Small Island Big Song (SIBS) has been traveling the Indian and Pacific Oceans, recording with indigenous musicians and filming in their grassroots villages, in locations including Madagascar, Mauritius, Australia, Taiwan, Guam, Indonesia, Hawaii, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and Rapa Nui. Onboard they will introduce the music and beauty of various islands. Website: http://www.smallislandbigsong.com

Michael MCGUIRE (Reykjavik - Halifax)
Teacher, Historian, Artist

Michael McGuire is a teacher, historian, rapper, musician, and spoken word artist from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He teaches music-related studies in the Cultural Studies department at Mount Saint Vincent University where he is pursuing a Ph.D. in educational studies. His work revolves around the history of hip hop culture in Atlantic Canada and how communities around the world are using hip hop as a tool for localized social justice education. He has released five albums as Hermitofthewoods, and with the groups Higher State and Arrhythmia, that combine elements of hip hop and experimental jazz with the kind of poetic lyrics that made him a three-time member of the Halifax Slam Poetry Team at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word. He will introduce the history and culture of Canada's Maritime provinces and offer a talk about hip hop culture and social justice.

Scott LUDLAM (Reykjavik - New York)
Former Senator, Anti-nuclear Activist

Scott Ludlam is a former Australian Greens Senator for Western Australia. Scott held the nuclear issues portfolio for nine years, during which time he contributed to campaigns against uranium mining, waste dumping and nuclear weapons. He is a long-term supporter of ICAN, co-hosting their Western Australian launch in 2007 and traveling to New York in 2017 for the final session of the ban treaty negotiations. Scott sailed briefly with Peace Boat in 2008 and traveled into the Fukushima evacuation zone with their assistance in 2012, seeing first-hand the irreversible consequences of the reliance on nuclear energy.

NAKAYAMA Yumi (Reykjavik - New York)
Asahi Newspaper Polar Expert, Journalist

Over the course of her career, Yumi Nakayama has been to the South Pole twice, North Pole six times, and to the Patagonian and Himalayan glacial regions to report on environmental conservation research. Between 2003-2005, Nakayama became the first female journalist to ever spend an entire winter in the Antarctic circle with an Antarctic Research Expedition party. As part of the 45th unit, she spent one month traveling 1000 kilometers from Showa Station to Dome Fuji Station in -60 degree weather in order to cover the drilling of Antarctic ice cores. From 2009-2010, she lived on the ice for 40 days as part of the 51st unit of the Sr Rondane Mountains Field Research Party. During this time she became the first to successfully report on meteorite research in the Antarctic region. In addition, she has been to the North Pole & Greenland five times during her career: as part of the US expedition team in 2008, to measure glaciers and sea ice in 2012 and 2014, to document the indigenous tradition of dog sledding in 2015, and most recently in 2017 to document the drilling of ice cores. In January 2016, she traveled to Svalbard Island in Northern Norway to research the arctic environment in the world's most Northern town.

Roberto ZAMORA (New York - Puntarenas)

Roberto Zamora is an independent attorney from Costa Rica who works primarily on constitutional affairs and litigation for the protection of human rights. He has challenged the government numerous times for policies in contravention of Costa Rica's peace constitution, most notably in 2003 as a 22-year old law student over the governments support of the War in Iraq. He won this case, leading the Supreme Court to order the government to withdraw its support for the war. Similarly, Roberto challenged the decision which allowed the manufacturing of nuclear fuel "for all purposes". This decision was struck down by the Supreme Court who recognised that people did have a "right to peace". He also has extensive experience as an international speaker and panelist, having spoken at the World Social Forum, 2005 UN GPPAC Conference and at the 62nd UNDPI/NGO Conference on Disarmament for Peace and Development in 2009 as a keynote speaker. In 2012 and 2013, he represented the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) in Geneva on the Human Rights Council process to codify the Right to Peace.

ITO Chihiro (New York - Puerto Vallarta)
International journalist and former reporter, Asahi Newspaper

Ito Chihiro was born in Yamaguchi Prefecture in 1949. When he was a university student, he conducted research regarding the Roma people in Eastern Europe.The former bureau chief for Asahi Newspaper's Sao Paulo, Barcelona and Los Angeles offices, Ito Chihiro has spent his career reporting on the "voices of the people" around the world. He became a freelance journalist in 2014. He has reported on Cuba and Costa Rica more than 10 times since 1971 and 1984, respectively. Having reported on over 82 countries, his rich experience will form the basis of his engaging lectures about the ports of call visited on this voyage. He has written several books on a range of issues as diverse as Cuba, renewable energy , and public attitudes around the world towards America.

YAGI Nobuyo (New York - Puerto Vallarta)
Musician, Author

Yagi Nobuyo moved to Mexico as a university exchange student where her talent as an opera singer was discovered. She then began studying classical music. Meanwhile, she earned the reputation of being a legendary backpacker for her travels around Mexico and Central and South America. She eventually shifted her focus to popular music and has been performing in Latin America. She is known for her beautiful voice and expressive performances, has collaborated with many composers, and has released 3 albums in Mexico. She has published many books including "Forbidden Song" and "Cuban Music".

MATSUMOTO Hiro (Cartagena - Puerto Vallarta)
Standup Comedian

Born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1952, Matsumoto Hiro received an award in the National High School Marathon Relay when he was a high school student in Kagoshima, Japan. He then entered Hosei University, during which he changed his career from track and field to comedy. After graduation, he became a pantomime performer, taking advantage of his cheerful personality and physical flexibility. Later he became a professional comedian. From 1988, he participated in the founding and development of a comedy group called "The Newspapers", and grabbed people's attention with his impersonation of a former Japanese prime minister. Ten years later he became an independent standup comedian. Currently, he is focusing on solo work and performs dramas and pantomimes of news reports, creating his own original world on stage.

YOSUMI Daisuke (Cristobal - Seattle)

Formerly a record company producer, Yosumi Daisuke worked on seven albums that sold over a million copies. He then chose to adopt a sustainable lifestyle on the shores of a lake in New Zealand. He spends about half the year traveling around the world and considers fly-fishing as his life's work! He writes extensively in eco-magazines, climbing magazines, technology magazines, or his own publications and media. He is also engaged in educating entrepreneurs and creators, participating in outdoor activities and promoting organic farming. He also works as a board member for venture-capital companies, is an adviser to various companies and organisations, and serves as the president of "Lifestyle Design Camp". He is the author of various books, including: "The Journey: Travels that Shape Your Way of Living" and "50 Things to Throw Away in Your 20s to Stay Free".

YUKI Koji (Seattle - Kushiro)
Representative of the Ainu Art Project

Yuki Koji uses printmaking, rock music, and storytelling as means to express the culture of his people, the Ainu. Yuki performs his music, gives lectures, and holds traditional Ainu ceremonies, as well as annual exhibitions on the Ainu people in Tokyo. In 2011, Yuki was invited by Jean-Marie Gustave Le Clézio, Nobel Literature Prize laureate to participate in an event entitled "Rumeurs du Louvre / Rumeurs du Monde" (Rumors of the Louvre /Rumors of the World) which was held at the Louvre Museum in Paris When Yuki and other Ainu Art Project members gave a storytelling performance at this event. He has published various books and picture books.

IDAKA Hiroaki (Seattle - Yokohama)
Journalist, Former Reporter for Kyodo News

Since 1967, Idaka Hiroaki has conducted interviews all over the world in places such as Latin America, Iberia, Southern Africa, and Okinawa. No other Japanese journalist has been involved in South and Central America as long as Idaka has, and he has extensive knowledge on various topics including politics, the military, history, and culture. Idaka has published many books, including "Che Guevara - Travels, the Cuban Revolution and Bolivia" and "A Correspondent's Notes on Latin America". He has also translated works such as the "Revolutionary Life Told by Fidel Castro Himself" and "Chavez - Latin America will Change the World". He also supervised the translation of "The Samurai of the Revolution".