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98th Voyage Web Reporter Profile: Dakota Hall, May 10, 2018
98th Voyage Web Reporter, Dakota Hall
Born and raised between Japan and various states in the US, Dakota had an upbringing that engendered in her an appreciation for the diversity of the world. As an adult, she has had the privilege of living in several countries and visiting many more and is proud to have found a temporary home on Peace Boat's 98th voyage, serving as web reporter.

Dakota has long been passionate about nonfiction storytelling in various forms, whether through photography, written narratives, or documentary film. After studying history in university in Lebanon, she has spent most of the past several years teaching and writing in Europe, working twice at a documentary film festival held annually in Kosovo. A year and a half ago she returned to Tokyo, her adoptive home, after a short internship in Cambodia with the Phnom Penh Post.

After a childhood and early adulthood filled with classical literature, Dakota has long nursed a romantic desire to spend an extended time at sea. She believes in the power of stories to have a real impact on the world and hopes to use her skills to create nonfiction stories that challenge people's views in meaningful and positive ways. She is excited to have the chance as Peace Boat web reporter to promote narratives of people we hear less about in the Global North. After the voyage comes to an end, she hopes to pursue a career in documentary filmmaking.