Peace & Green Night in Nagasaki, November 7, 2014
Date: November 7, 2014
Location: Nagasaki

On November 7, Peace Boat will visit the city of Nagasaki as part of the Peace & Green Boat 2014 Asian Regional Voyage. In the evening, an international exchange event will be held onboard the ship to promote peace.

The Peace & Green Boat 2014 Asian Regional Voyage, co-organized between Peace Boat and the Green Foundation in order to build new bridges and a peaceful, sustainable future for East Asia, will welcome around 500 participants each from Japan and from Korea.
This year, the voyage will sail to Korea, Taiwan and Okinawa before visiting Nagasaki.

The event in Nagasaki will feature Korean musician RUVIN, and messages from the Mayor of Nagasaki City, Mr. Taue Tomihisa, and the Hibakusha (Atomic bomb survivor) Ms. Joudai Miyako, who spoke at this year's Peace Ceremony in Nagasaki.

A symposium with speakers from both Korea and Japan will reflect on how to create a sustainable society which puts life before economic growth, drawing lessons from the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and the subsequent Fukushima nuclear disaster, and the Sewol ferry tragedy of Korea.

The event will be held in Japanese and Korean.
Registration by November 4 (Tuesday) is required to participate.
To register or for further information please contact participate@peaceboat.gr.jp with your full name, birth date, address and phone number.