Life Onboard
In Pics I: From Yokohama to Fremantle, Jan 26, 2018
On January 13, 2018, Mr Toyoda Naomi, a photojournalist with extensive experience covering conflict regions, presented his first lecture "War and Journalism" and discussed the motivation behind his work. He emphasized the importance of sharing the reality of conflict and war with the public and providing truthful coverage of what is happening on the ground. After Mr Toyoda's lecture, participant Ikeda Yu expressed shock and shared, "I watch television every day and it's the only source of information to which I have access. What I was shown today is so different from what is shown on TV." Through onboard lectures like this one, Peace Boat participants can broaden their horizons and potentially share what they learn with family and friends back home, thereby expanding global knowledge on a greater scale.

Peace Boat participants demonstrated their eclectic and diverse array of talents during the 96th Voyage Talent Show. From hula dancing to a magic show to comedic singing, participants never ceased to impress the audience with their skills. The night concluded with a Peace Boat volunteer, Suzuki Tetsuharu (Indy), performing a stunt where he continuously bounced a soccer ball across different parts of his body whilst simultaneously removing his business attire to reveal a Superman shirt underneath! With so much talent packed in one room, the Superman logo was a symbolic representation for the night - the performers each had a hidden superpower that they revealed to the world on stage.

Peace Boat launched its Hibakusha Project for the 96th Voyage by inviting multiple speakers to share their lived experiences and why they are committed to ensuring a nuclear-free world. Ando Mako, Youth Communicator for the project who has joined the ship from Hiroshima, recognizes that she may be part of the last generation to hear Hibakusha's stories first-hand, and emphasized the importance of preserving these stories, especially since the Hibakusha, or atomic bomb survivors, are aging. Two Hibakusha bravely shared heartbreaking and harrowing tales of what they experienced on the day the United States dropped the atomic bomb in Hiroshima and the tragic aftermath of the event.

The night started with Nene Sanae serenading the audience with her sweet voice as Walter Schmid provided accompanying melodies on his guitar. After the harmonious duet, Nene launched into a solo performance where she shared a message of peace with everyone - the lyrics of her song focused on ending war and spreading love, the latter embodied by Nene as she made her way around the room, clapping hands with audience members along the way.

The air buzzed with excitement as Peace Boat participants donned their colorful and beautiful yukatas (light kimono) to celebrate Summer Festival with a line-up of exciting events on January 22, 2018. Afternoon activities included live music, a yukata fashion show and a shaved ice speed eating contest. The evening consisted of communal events where Peace Boat participants gathered to talk about their hometowns and partake in Bon-Odori dancing around the open deck.