Special Report
96th Voyage Web Reporter Profile, Jan 8, 2018
96th Voyage Web Reporter, Angela Choi
Born and raised in the concrete jungle where dreams are made of, Angela is a globetrotting multipotentialite armed with a passion for learning and cultural immersion. Angela discovered her love for traveling after completing a language and travel program in Spain with National Geographic Student Expeditions in 2008. Since then, she has sought out various opportunities to engage in meaningful travel across the world. In the last ten years, Angela has studied Mandarin Chinese in China and Taiwan, interned with non-profit organizations in Hong Kong and Singapore, volunteered as a consultant in Zimbabwe and most notably, represented the USA at the World's Fair in Italy. Angela is incredibly excited to continue her travels as a Web Reporter on the 96th Voyage and eager to explore the social, environmental and political issues of the Oceania region.

Aside from traveling, Angela enjoys exploring anything related to holistic wellness, immersing herself in non-fiction books and books from the New Age movement, listening to indie/folk and Zimbabwean music, and engaging in deep and heartfelt conversations.