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Nov 30, 2012 - Music for Peace: The African Youth Ensemble onboard Peace Boat's 78th Voyage
Project Background:
In 2000, Mr. Kolwane Mantu founded the African Youth Ensemble (AYE) in Soweto. During apartheid, Soweto was the largest black township in South Africa and much of the struggle against the regime took place there. Although apartheid has ended, economic inequality is still on the increase and young black Africans bear the biggest burden of poverty, lack of education and youth unemployment. AYE is striving to empower the people of Soweto by creating positive social change, as well as fostering a greater connection to the rest of the world through the sharing of their music.

Over the years, Peace Boat has supported AYE through its sustainability project United People's Alliance (UPA). The UPA team collects violins across Japan and takes them to South Africa onboard its ship. To further support the development and training of South African young musicians, Peace Boat would like to provide the opportunity for youth from AYE to travel on the open sea and experience diverse perspectives and cultures, and to encourage them to use the power of music to develop a safe, educated and sustainable society.

  • Provide AYE a platform to promote their activities and gain international experience.
  • Create opportunities for young musicians to interact with guest educators and artists from Japan.
  • Explore how music can be used as tool for peace and development
  • Increase awareness about the youth reality in South Africa amongst Peace Boat participants and our wider audience.

Program outline:
January 4 - AYE delegates fly to Mauritius
January 5 - AYE delegates join Peace Boat in Port Louis. Activities and exchanges through music and arts will be held onboard.
January 10 - AYE delegates will disembark upon Peace Boat's arrival to Durban. The group will travel to Soweto to participate in an exchange and home stay program with Peace Boat's participants.

 Khotatsu Mantu

 Bethuel Rametsi

 Neo Thekiso

 Bongani Kunene

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