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95th Voyage Web Reporter Profile - Neil Murphy , Aug 15, 2017
95th Voyage Web Reporter, Neil Murphy
Neil Murphy is humbled and excited to be the web reporter for Peace Boat's 95th Global Voyage! After double majoring in philosophy and Asian studies at home in the USA and falling in love with world cultures, he first came to Asia in 2007 to briefly study Japanese at the Japan Center for Michigan Universities in Shiga, Japan. Deciding that he wanted to live in Japan for longer, he came to Japan again as an assistant language teacher on the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme in 2008 and has lived there ever since.

While in Japan, he fell in love with photography and as a hobby shoots landscape, portrait, and street photography. He has worked professionally shooting portraits, photo tours, and events, and has volunteered as a photographer at events such as TEDxKyoto and the International Day of Yoga. He is especially excited about shooting all the smiling faces aboard the ship and at port, and hopes to get a beautiful shot of the aurora borealis when the boat stays overnight at Reykjavik in Iceland.

In 2015, he entered Doshisha Business School at Doshisha University in central Kyoto, where he concentrated on Sustainable Business as well as Cultural and Creative Industries. In the course of his studies he worked with traditional and modern businesses around Kyoto on various projects, in areas as diverse as textile manufacturing and vertical farming. He comes aboard Peace Boat just as he is finishing his thesis research on the role of social and new media in the American Comedy Industry.