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Oct 4, 2017 - Public Viewing of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize Award: Hibakusha are Listed as a Leading Contender
The Nobel Peace Prize for this year will be announced on 6 October. Following on from the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty adopted this year by the United Nations, which aims to completely outlaw nuclear weapons, "Hibakusha" are a rising contender to receive the award.

One of the reasons more than half the world agreed upon a Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty was that through hearing the unimaginable suffering and fear inflicted on the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, people around the world came to understand that nuclear weapons are a crime against humanity. At the same time, there is currently a great deal of concern surrounding the nuclear missile testings by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. As well as further proving the need to ratify the Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty, it is under these circumstances that the Hibakusha have become a leading contender for this year's Nobel Peace Prize.

Peace Boat, an international NGO based in Japana country which has suffered the effects of the atomic bombcalls out to the world about the inhumanity of nuclear weapons, and believes that contributing to outlawing nuclear weapons is a global duty. We launched the Hibakusha Project "Global Voyage for a Nuclear Free World - Peace Boat Hibakusha Project"in 2008, and to date more that 170 Hibakusha have given their testimonies all over the world. This marks a moment in time we must witness, so with Hibakusha, prominent public figures, and the general public present, we invite you to join us for the public viewing of the award ceremony.

Public Viewing Information

Date: Friday, 6 October 2017

Time: 17:30-18:30 (announcement made at 18:00 Tokyo time)

No bookings required, no entry fee


Ms AMANO Fumiko (Former member of the National Christian Council in Japan Peace and Nuclear Issues Committee, Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor)

Mr MIYAKE Nobuo (Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor)

Ms KOTANI Takako (Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor)

Ms IKEDA Kayoko (Author and translator)

Mr HAYASHIDA Mitsuhiro (Campaign leader of Hibakusha Appeal for a Nuclear Ban Treaty)


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