Life Onboard
In Pics VII: Honolulu to Yokohama, Jul 20, 2017
Taejoo Park joined the 94th Global Voyage for Peace and Sustainability from Hawaii. From South Korea, he was previously part of Noridan, a group of social entrepreneurs working to spread environmental awareness through performances with instruments created from recycled materials. Onboard he held a number of workshops on body percussion, where participants used their bodies as instruments.

Peace Boat staff shared experiences of volunteering for Peace Boat's Disaster Relief Programme. The programme started in 1995 after the Great Hanshin Earthquake in Kobe, and has since been involved in relief efforts across Japan as well as abroad including in Pakistan, Chile and Sri Lanka following natural disasters. Tohda Kazuma told of volunteering for the Imakoko project where he stayed with a fishing family in Miyagi prefecture, who were greatly affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. He helped the family with oyster farming.

Arts researcher Kajipon Marco Zangetsu held many lectures about art onboard, speaking about different art forms including music, dance and painting. Participants also learned about the appeal of art and how to appreciate it. He revealed that the countless works of art that span borders and time show humanity's capacity to understand one another; the aim of art being to demonstrate the similarities we have with one another.

As well as more than 1,000 participants on the 94th Global Voyage, 11 children also came onboard ranging from two to 11 years old. They took part in the Montessori educational programme in a specially set up classroom. The Montessori approach gives children more freedom where they have a choice of activities they can partake in and learn from discovery by working with materials rather than being directly instructed by the teacher.

A Be the Change' day was held as Peace Boat's 94th Global Voyage returned to Japan. The day included activities reminding participants of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals about which various events throughout the voyage had been raising awareness. The goals seek to realize a more sustainable world, and participants were encouraged to put their learning into practice by committing to make changes that will make a difference. Lee Minji from Korea made a promise to save water.