Life Onboard
In Pics VI: Acajutla to Honolulu, Jul 14, 2017
Peace Boat's Global Voyages often include a Global School' programme where participants have a chance to explore world issues and current affairs. The 94th Voyage's series has included events on discrimination and protecting the environment. A recent event as part of the programme came about as people from Japan, Korea and China onboard expressed the need to discuss the differences in history education received in schools in these nations. The event touched on how talking about history can be seen as taboo and although it can be difficult to discuss, being open is an important step to learn from the past to create a more peaceful Asia.

The Sports Festival was a big event onboard with participants divided into four teams - white, blue, yellow and red - depending on their birth month and language, with the goal for everyone to enjoy themselves regardless of age or language. The event took place on the open deck on a beautifully sunny day, with games including a cheerleading competition, throwing balls into a moving basket and rope jumping. With the blue team coming out on top as champions, new bonds of friendships were made, the day was enjoyed by all and left an uplifted spirit on the ship.

With so many participants onboard, it is good to get to learn more about them; so regular sessions took place where participants introduce themselves. At a recent session, participant Wong Chong Wah presented himself explaining that he was born in Singapore but grew up in Malaysia attending both a Chinese school followed by an English school, and going on to become a doctor. He spoke of enjoying the many activities on offer onboard Peace Boat including learning about current affairs, hearing from guest educators and reading books from the onboard library about Japanese culture and traditions.

An Okinawa Hawaii night was held on the open deck of Peace Boat's 94th Voyage for Peace and Sustainability as the ship headed towards Honolulu. The night included performances of hula, ukelele and sanshin (a three-stringed musical instrument) that participants had been learning at workshops by guest educator Tom Ken Yamamoto who is former president of the Hawaii United Okinawa Association in Hawaii. It concluded with kachashi - an Okinawan dance that is usually danced at the end of banquets or parties - where everyone could join in.

Peace Boat's 94th Global Voyage for Peace and Sustainability has circumnavigated the globe visiting over 20 countries, where participants have learned about other cultures through music, art, food, customs, traditions and fashion. A Global Fashion Show was held onboard while travelling towards Hawaii, where people were encouraged to exhibit some of their fashion purchases throughout the voyage including Sarong Kebaya (a blouse-dress combination) from Singapore, mola textile art from Panama and multi-coloured attire from Guatemala.