Life Onboard
In Pics V: Hamilton to Acajutla, Jul 6, 2017
Music lessons with the Caracas Municipal Symphony Orchestra
20 members of the Caracas Municipal Symphony Orchestra travelled onboard the 94th Global Peace Voyage between Yokohama and La Guaira. During this time, a number of participants were lucky enough to receive music lessons from the orchestra members. The Peace Boat participants then showcased what they had learnt in a final concert, playing together with their teachers in performance enjoyed by all.

Intercultural communication through gestures.
With many participants from different countries onboard, there are daily chances to explore the similarities and differences between various cultures. On one occasion, gestures and body language around the world were discussed. Representatives from Taiwan, India, Korea and Malaysia presented winking and giving a thumps up, and the meanings of these gestures in their respective cultures.

Considering how nationality impacts identity.
Four volunteer staff onboard who each have parents with different nationalities organised an event exploring whether and how nationality impacts identity. These volunteers included Toda Akihide who spoke about his Japanese mother and Korean father and growing up in China, and how these factors have an impact on his life decisions today.

Guest educator Idaka Hiroaki.
As Peace Boat's 94th Global Voyage for Peace and Sustainability approached Latin America, guest educator Idaka Hiroaki, a journalist with extensive knowledge of the region, gave a series of lectures about the history and political background of Latin America, including the current political situation in Venezuela.

The SDGs Youth onboard
15 youth with an active interest in sustainable development joined the Latin American section of the 94th Voyage, as part of a special study programme coordinated by Peace Boat US, Peace Boat's sister organisation in New York City. This programme gives opportunities for young people to learn about and become involved working towards the fulfilment of the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While the ship was docked in El Salvador the youth were part of a Peace Forum that included presentations on how two Salvadorean universities are working towards the SDGs.