Life Onboard
In Pics IV: Reykjavik to Hamilton, Jun 27, 2017
The 94th voyage has allowed a number of opportunities for participants to show the skills and talents they have brought onboard. A recent singing competition was held with the theme for individuals to express their uniqueness and connect with others. Many participants performed with people they met onboard and songs were performed in English, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish.

With the ship soon approaching Latin America, Yagi Nobuyo, a Japanese musician and author who has spent much time in region, held a number of talks on tracing Latin American history through music. At one event she highlighted, through snippets of songs, how the political background of the region during the 1970s and 1980s influenced the music as people were looking for liberation from dictatorships.

Events organised by participants form a large part of activity onboard. A recent occasion allowed participants to showcase what they have been doing during the events, from talking about essentials to pack when travelling, playing the harmonica to singing, taking part in quizzes and dancing. Items made during self-organised events were also on display from origami (paper folding) to jewellery.

Many events onboard get participants thinking and exploring different perceptions. An event led by Peace Boat staff member Eduardo Vila entitled Art in the streets' looked at the concept of public spaces and how they can be used from one society or country to another. Participants heard about art expressed through break dancing, graffiti around the world, an installation in Canada and music and dance in Mexico.

Time spent between ports allows participants to form bands and dance teams - a great way to meet new people and make friends onboard. An evening festival allowed participants to showcase the artistic talents they have been harnessing. The enthralled audience enjoyed a variety of performances including Japanese rock songs, Korean rock music, rapping and dancing.