Gathering & Demonstration - Save Japan's Peace Article 9. No to war!, September 4, 2014
Date: September 4, 2014
Location: Hibiya Park, Tokyo

Peace Boat, through its Global Article 9 Campaign, strives not only to locally protect Article 9, the peace clause of the Japanese Constitution, but also to build an international movement supporting Article 9 as the shared property of the world, calling for a global building of peace that does not rely on force. Previously this year, we strongly condemned the Cabinet decision forced through by Prime Minister Abe Shinzo and his administration to reinterpret the Constitution in order to loosen Japan's restraints on the use of force and allow the exercise of the right of collective self-defense.

This coming September 4, people and organizations from all around Japan will gather to demonstrate against war and the gutting of Article 9. Peace Boat, as part of the "Anti-War Committee of 1000", one of the main organizers of this demonstration, invites you to join us to demonstrate for peace and against the use of war to solve international disputes.

This will be an opportunity to appeal for peaceful resolution of conflicts around the world such as the ongoing attacks in Gaza, and to call on the international community to stop the legitimization of the use of force on innocent civilians under the name of self-defense. We encourage Japan not to become involved in the use of force, but instead to actively contribute to advocating for the human right to live in peace for those suffering from the threat or reality of armed conflict around the world.

Date: September 4, Thursday
Time: 18:00~ Gathering (Messages from organizers and supporters)
19:15~ Demonstration starts
Meeting Place: Hibiya Open-air Concert Hall (Hibiya Park)
Demonstration Route: Hibiya Park -> Ginza -> Tokyo Station

Please join us!

If you reside outside of Japan or cannot join the demonstration, please sign the International Petition
"Prime Minister Abe: Save Japan's Peace Constitution"