Life Onboard
In Pics I: Yokohama to Suez Canal, May 24, 2017
Participants join in an introduction to singing workshops onboard
Peace Boat is a busy place, so how do you make the most of it? Peace Boat staff were on hand at one of the first talks on the 94th voyage to give tips to participants on how best to enjoy the unique experience. Advice included joining events onboard from Salsa to Nordic walking to Japanese bamboo flute classes. As an example of the variety of activities available, musician Nohara Hiroko gave a teaser to her gospel music workshops she would be leading onboard, encouraging everyone to join in.

Jhonas Alejandro Sibila Vegas and Miguel Angel Lopez Yubero, the two cellists of the Caracas Municipal Symphony Orchestra, perform onboard the ship
Onboard from Japan to Venezuela are the Caracas Municipal Symphony Orchestra. They consist of 20 young musicians who have been entertaining participants with classical concerts and showing their talent by also playing modern music at some of the big Peace Boat events on the ship. They have also been giving music lessons to some participants onboard. Most of the orchestra's members have come from Venezuela's social music education system known as 'El Sistema' which, with music as its tool, seeks to promote unity through symphonic orchestras and choirs in Venezuela.

Participants get stuck into an activity as part of the Sustainable Development Goals' agenda onboard - promoting sustainable development around the globe
In 2015, the UN set 17 internationally-agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with an agenda that includes bringing an end to poverty, promoting peace and respecting the environment. With the SDGs logo painted on the side of the vessel, this voyage continues Peace Boat's work to promote the goals, which has so far included interactive workshops exploring the issue of why good people do bad things and what the world would look like if it were shrunk into a village of 50 people. These workshops examined issues of poverty, hunger, education and inequalities.

A participant from Singapore takes part in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony
The 94th Peace Boat voyage is very international, which has afforded participants many opportunities to share about one another's culture. Examples include learning about how Children's Day is celebrated in Macao, Korea and Taiwan, as well as international participants introducing their cultures, cities and food to Japanese participants. Participants were also able to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

Participants enjoy the festivities at Peace Boat's 94th Global Voyage's Summer Festival
Summer festivals are very popular in Japan, where Bon dance (traditional Japanese circle dance) and watching Mikoshi (a portable Shinto shrine used for festivals) being carried through the streets can be enjoyed. Of course, Peace Boat participants were not going to miss out, so the 94th voyage held its own summer festival which saw traditional events such as Kokura Daiko (a type of traditional Japanese drumming) and Soran (a fisherman's dance originating in Hokkaido), as well as more modern activities such as an ice-eating race and an arm wrestling tournament. It was also a good excuse to dress up in yukatas (summer kimono) and jimbei (casual menswear in summer).