Life Onboard
94th Voyage Web Reporter Profile - Andrea Fisher, Apr 12, 2017
94th Voyage Web Reporter, Andrea Fisher
Andrea Fisher grew up in London, England, with a Swiss mum and English dad - already learning about different cultures from a young age. This interest continued as Andrea grew up, and she spent a semester at university in Portugal and later went on to live in Japan, Peru and Canada.

Andrea has been involved in a lot of volunteering, especially for homeless organisations, where her work included aiding to connect rough sleepers with local support services. She also looks to be environmentally-friendly, and encourages others to compost and recycle. She is therefore particularly excited to learn more of the Ecoship project, where Peace Boat is embarking to make the world's most eco-friendly ship in the world.

This is Andrea's second voyage, having previously joined Peace Boat as a GET (Global English Training) teacher. Andrea is excited to be the Web Reporter on this voyage and looking forward to meeting people from around the world, as well as learning more about projects that Peace Boat supports in local countries.