Life Onboard
In Pictures VI: Punta Arenas to Apia, Mar 10, 2017
Sato Keiko, a Peace Boat participant, enjoyed taking part in a special "napkin art" workshop which was held in the fourth-floor restaurant onboard. "I am very interested in creating interesting shapes with napkins so that I can make my guests happy when I hold dinner parties at home," she commented. During the workshop, participants learned to make several shapes, including a candle, a lily, and a bird of paradise flower, among others. Participants can take part in a wide variety of creative events onboard which offer the opportunity to develop a new hobby and make new friends.

During the evening of February 26, before Peace Boat departed from Rapa Nui (Easter Island), guest educator Mario Tuki invited members of his NGO Toki onboard to perform in a special event which showcased traditional music and dance from Rapa Nui. Toki is an NGO which aims to empower the youth of Rapa Nui through music and art education whilst simultaneously preserving the traditional culture of the remote Pacific island. Participants were captivated by the colourful costumes and powerful dances of the performers, and were reminded of the importance of keeping such cultural traditions alive.

On March 1, 2017, while sailing through the Pacific Ocean, Peace Boat held the 93rd Onboard Sports Day event. In keeping with the theme of the event - multicultural exchange beyond generations - everyone participated with enthusiasm and enjoyed themselves, irrespective of age, gender, race or cultural background. Activities included a skipping rope challenge, an obstacle course, and a tug of war, among others. The blue team, led by Matsui Risa and comprising mainly female members, took away the prize for the entire event. "To begin with I felt a bit apprehensive being the only female team leader, but everyone on the blue team united to show their strength and dedication. I'm so delighted we won!" exclaimed Ms. Matsui.

Guest educator Gabriel Tetiarahi (Gabi), founder of the Tahitian NGO Hiti Tau, participated in an international panel which discussed issues relating to nuclear power and nuclear weapons throughout the world. As well as campaigning for Tahitian independence from French rule, Mr. Tetiarahi is a staunch advocate for nuclear disarmament, and led protest movements against the French nuclear tests conducted in Tahiti and the wider South Pacific region. During the event, panelists from Japan, Argentina, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Korea discussed the nuclear context of their respective countries and explained their stance on nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

As Peace Boat crossed the international date line, participants had the unusual experience of losing an entire day due to the time change. That day was March 8: International Women's Day. The following day, Laura Rodriguez, a Spanish language teacher on the GET programme, delivered an awareness-raising session on gender-based violence to mark the occasion. Tragically, one in three women around the world suffers physical or sexual violence in her lifetime, often perpetrated by an intimate partner. In Japan, one in four women have suffered violence from their husband. During the session, participants were offered ideas on how to address gender-based violence, such as being more vigilant to the signs which victims may display. "Organizing awareness raising events like this, not only on Peace Boat, but in the wider public sphere, is vital to progress," commented one of the audience members.