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Sep 1, 2012 - Introducing our Interns - 2012 Fall/Winter
Peace Boat is happy to welcome our new interns for the 2012 Fall/Winter Internship Programme (July-December 2012) who will be supporting our activities while gaining hands on NGO experience in the fields of peace, sustainability, international cultural exchange, and other areas. This year's interns come from a very diverse background and we are looking forward to hearing their stories and learning from them.

So far our interns have already being involved in several Peace Boat activities such as the preparations for the departure of our 77th Global Voyage, including a project focusing on Agent Orange and the long lasting effects of war; the Open Ship Events and the onboard Global Festival of Culture and Tourism held in the port of Yokohama, Japan in late August; our ongoing campaign for a nuclear power free energy policy in Japan; events and campaigns focusing on historical issues in East Asia; as well as research and other related work for future projects.

Interning with Peace Boat is a great way to experience work in an international NGO while in Japan, and getting involved in the different activities we carry out both onboard, in Japan and in the different ports that we visit. Applications for the 2013 Spring/Summer Internship Programme (January-June 2013) are now open and we welcome applications until November 25, 2012.

For further details please visit our Internship Programme page.

Alice Satoh

Was born in Kamakura, Japan. Currently studying at Meiji Gakuin University. Major in international studies and focusing on poverty issues. The experience of studying abroad in San Francisco makes her interested in cultural exchanges and communicating with people from various countries.

"Interning at Peace Boat is a precious opportunity for me to learn different perspectives and understand more about society surrounded by well-traveled staff with wide and diverse views of the world. Through this experience, I would like to meet many new people and improve my skills."

Carolina Cadavid

Was born in Cali, Colombia but has lived and studied in many places including Spain, England and New Zealand. Bachelor in Humanities with a post graduate diploma in Arts Administration and Management and a Master in Translation Studies. Loves traveling, learning about other cultures, learning other languages, and assisting with humanitarian development, social and cultural projects. Has work in the past for cultural organizations in Spain and England, as well as the Colombia Embassy in Tokyo. Currently she is working as a freelance translator for various fair trade companies while managing her own entrepeneurial project promoting and selling Colombian filigree to international markets.

"I look forward to meeting all the team here at Peace Boat, Tokyo. I am delighted to be part of this establishment and to have the opportunity to contribute to this cause."

Becker Hana

Was born in Holzminden, Germany. Being a Japanese-German-double, (my mother is Japanese and my father German) she was able to experience two different cultures from an early age and thus developed a strong interest in international and intercultural relations. Currently she is pursuing a Bachelor?fs Degree in Japanese Studies with Political Science as her minor subject at Free University, Berlin.

"My motivation for interning with Peace Boat comes from my wish to contribute to opening new doors for cross-cultural understanding and exchange. I'm excited to gain experience in the field of work I'm interested in and meet many interesting, inspiring people!"

Shpot Evgeniya

Was born and grew up in Krasnodar city, Russia. After graduating from university came to Japan as a MEXT scholarship student in April, 2007. Since then has finished Research student program at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Master`s degree in Intercultural Communication at Hosei University, and now is doing a PhD at the same university. Her field of research and interest is Russian-Japanese mutual images, perceptions and understanding.

"To provide more information about Russia and Russian culture to Japanese people I also give lectures concerning Russian culture at Japanese schools, teach Russian folklore and Russian language to international students, and participate in intercultural events, festivals and contests.
"For me interning for Peace Boat is a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the fields which I am very interested in (international cultural exchange, cross-cultural understanding, peace and sustainability etc.), develop and improve useful skills, meet with experienced people and learn from them."

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