Life Onboard
In Pics II: Singapore to Mauritius, Dec 29, 2016
Shortly after calling in Singapore, Peace Boat held a fruit party where participants could enjoy a wide range of tropical fruits including mango, papaya, pineapple, passionfruit, dragonfruit, and the somewhat notorious (for its smell) durian. Many of the fruits were cut into exquisite shapes, which participants remarked were almost too beautiful to eat. "In Japan we rarely have the opportunity to taste delicious tropical fruits, so this is a treat", commented Nakagawa Reiko and Tachikawa Kazuo.

Kakehashi Katsushi practices the violin by the sea on a beautiful sunny afternoon. Currently a university student in Japan, he decided to take some time out from his studies to travel the world on Peace Boat. "I am excited to meet so many different people during the voyage; hearing the experiences of others helps me to reflect and think about my own future. Playing the violin has been a great tool for communication, as many people come to talk to me!"

Gloria Ng from Singapore tries on a sari during a special workshop which taught participants how to where the traditional Indian garment. "Having lived in Singapore for a long time, I had seen many women wearing saris in Little India, and I had always wanted to learn how to wear one myself. This is the first time in my life I have been able to try one on!" Peace Boat often holds events which feature traditional clothes from around the world, such as the Christmas fashion show, and participants are encouraged to wear traditional clothes from their country to the formal dinners which take place throughout the voyage.

Revelers enjoy the music and festive atmosphere at the Christmas party which was held on December 24. For many participants this was the first time they spent Christmas away from home, but everyone agreed that this Christmas would be unforgettable. The night was spent dancing beneath the stars to live music from Gaku MC, a Japanese acoustic rapper and one of several guest educators on the voyage.

Mollie Guidera, a GET English teacher, spins with a participant during her popular Irish dancing workshop. On the 93rd Global Voyage participants will have the opportunity to try an impressive array of dance styles, including flamenco, zumba, salsa, ballroom, hula, and traditional Japanese dances. These workshops also provide a great opportunity for meeting new friends and practicing different languages.