Beyond Boundaries: Reflect upon Past Wars to Build Peace for the Future. Atomic-Bomb Survivors' Visit to Singapore, March 23, 2014
Date: March 23, 2014
Location: National Library Buliding, Singapore

Beyond Boundaries: Reflect upon Past Wars to Build Peace for the Future
Atomic-Bomb Survivors' Visit to Singapore

Sunday, 23 March 2014
15:00-18:00 (Registration begins at 14:30)

The POD, National Library Building (Level 16)*

"Isn't it naive to think there could be no wars?"...

Last year in July, a Singaporean student asked this question of a Hibakusha (atomic bomb survivor). Peace Boat is coming back to Singapore, again with Hibakusha, to think with "you", the answer to this question. This year, participants will not only have the chance to hear from the Hibakusha, but also to talk with them in small-group discussions.

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Programme Overview

In Part I, Mr Lee Kwang Boon from the UN Association Singapore will speak about the globally-recognised importance of banning nuclear weapons. Mr Kawasaki Akira of Peace Boat will then introduce the organization's activities, particularly focusing on how Peace Boat uses global voyages for peace education and intercultural exchanges.

Part II will be dedicated to the dialogue with Hibakusha. To begin with, Mr Lee Jongkeun, a Hiroshima survivor and also a second-generation Korean resident in Japan, will make a short remark, speaking about his personal stories of reconciling with his own past and how he has come to speak up about his experiences. Ms Hattori Michiko, also a Hiroshima survivor, will then tell us how she experienced the atomic bomb as a 16-year-old nurse, and how she has lived her life since then. Complementing their stories is the speech by Hamada Ayumi, a Youth Communicator for a World without Nuclear Weapons. As a young actress, she has joined this voyage to explore ways to keep Hibakusha's memories alive. The last hour will be spent for Q&A with the audience, as well as small-group discussions with one or two Hibakusha in each group.

How can we reconcile with the past, face today's dilemma and positively work for a better future? Is it possible that there will be no war?

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